KXSF DJs Give Us the Best Sounds From 2022

We asked the KXSF DJs to look back on 2022 in music and come up with some lists — top songs, top albums, top shows — whatever music they experienced from last year that is worthy of more attention.

The results are wide-ranging, not just from a genre standpoint, but also in amount. Sometimes it's hard to pick just five or 10. (In one case a nice, round 100 was needed.) Some lists are ranked, and some are presented in no particular order. Enjoy!

• The Creep (Creeping Death, Creepshow)
• DJ Carolyn (Carolyn)
• 'Radio Bob' Thawley (Frequency Uplift!)
• Bob N (Mawkish Twaddle)
• Del Sur (The Chasm)
• Kristie Tacey (Supper Sessions)
• Brendan Miller (King of Pressia)
• Gage Kenady (Off The Hook)
• Andy Chaos (Shenanigans)

The Creep

Top 10 Metal Albums of 2022

  1. Angels Hung From The Arches of Heaven by Goatwhore (10/7/22, Metal Blade Records)
  2. Through Sheer Will and Black Magic by Daeva (10/14/22, 20 Buck Spin)
  3. Theothanatology by Acephalix (9/30/22, 20 Buck Spin)
  4. Slave Driver by Dead Head (4/29/22, Hammerheart Records)
  5. Unrelenting Malevolence by Detherous (11/11/22, Redefining Darkness Records)
  6. From Beyond the Burial Mound by Sepulchral (2/25/22, Soulseller Records)
  7. The Word of His Law by Egregore (4/15/22, 20 Buck Spin)
  8. Roman Candle by Funeral Chic (7/29/22, Prosthetic Record)
  9. Upon Desolation by Mortuous (9/16/22, Carbonized Records)

Top 10 Albums of 2022 (that are not Metal)

  1. Advertise Here by Exek (2/4/22, Castle Face)
  2. The Rest is Distraction by Girls in Synthesis (10/14/22, Own it Records)
  3. Glad To Be Forgotten by Pack Rat (3/21/22, Drunken Sailor Records)
  4. Heaven is No Fun by Sick Thoughts (9/8/22, Total Punk)
  5.  Boat Songs by MJ Lendermann (4/29/22, Dear Life Records)
  6. Blackberry Rose by Lavender Country (2/18/22, Don Giovanni Records)
  7. Endless Rooms by Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever (5/6/22, Sub Pop)
  8. Topical Dancer by Charlotte Adigery and Bolis Pupul (3/4/22, Deewee)
  9. Czarmageddon by Czarface (4/28/22, Silver Age)
  10. Satan Will Follow You Home by Dead Tired (7/8/22, New Damage Records)

Carolyn’s Favorite albums of 2022

  • The Cool Greenhouse — Sod’s Toastie, LP (Melodic)
  • New Buck Biloxi — Cellular Automaton, LP (Total Punk)
  • Alien Nosejob — Stained Glass, LP (Anti Fade/Total Punk)
  • Petrol Girls — Baby, LP (Hassle)
  • Unsanitary Napkin — All Billionaires Are Bastards, LP (Sorry State)
  • Fat Earthers — Bored, LP (s/r)
  • Ghost Car — Truly Trash, LP (One Little Independent)
  • Bret McKenzie — Songs Without Jokes, LP (SubPop)
  • Billiam — Billie Dafoe, (fan club exclusive)
  • MIT — The Male Idiot Theory cassette, (Discos Peroquébien)
  • Otoboke Beaver — Super Champon ス ー パ ー チ ャ ン ポ ン, LP (Damnably)
  • Peace De Résistance — Bits and Pieces, LP (Peace De Récords)
  • Hurry Up! — Dismal Nitch, LP (Comedy Minus One)
  • Jon Spencer & The HITmakers — Spencer Gets Lit, LP (In The Red)
  • Judy & The Jerks — Music To Go Nuts, LP (Thrilling Living)
  • Ribbon Stage — Hit With The Most, LP (Perennial Death)
  • Sniffany and The Nits — The Unscratchable Itch, LP (PRAH Recordings)
  • The Mary Veils — Esoteric Hex, LP (PNKSLM Recordings)
  • McQQeen — II, cassette (Big Neck)
  • Split System — Vol 1, LP (Legless)
  • Sweet Knives — Spritzerita, LP (FDH)
  • R.E.D – Religion Equals Decay — Music For The Masses Volume 1, (s/r)
  • R.E.D – Religion Equals Decay — …and Music For The Masses Volume 2, (s/r)
  • Carolyn’s Favorite EPs of 2022

  • Model Zero — Little Crystal, 7” (Sweet Time)
  • Sprints — A Modern Job, 7” (Nice Swan)
  • Smallspeaker — This Record Kills Trend Scums, 7” (Smlspk)
  • Arrêt — Demo , cassette (1753)
  • Billiam/The Vovos — Vampire Club, 7” (Billiam)
  • Gut Health — Electric Party Chrome Girl, 7” (Marthouse)
  • Cosmit — It’s Cosmit , cassette (Specialist Subject)
  • Snõõper — Town Topic, 7” (s/r)
  • RMFC — Access, 7” (Anti-Fade)
  • CPR Doll — Music For Pleasure , cassette (Under The Gun)
  • Dr. Sure’s Unsual Practice/Bench Press — A Split 7” Between Friends, 7” (Marthouse)
  • Real Distractions — Stupid, 7” (Perennial Death)
  • The Necessary Evil — Vida Desastre flexi disc (1753)
  • Sex Shop Boyz — EP (Enlarged Penis)
  • Silicone Values — Burn the 1980’s (s/r)
  • Würst Nürse — The Würst Nürse Cürse (s/r)
  • Gee Tee — Rock Phone, 7” (Goner)
  • Isolation — Fabric Tear, 7” (s/r)
  • Dangüs Tarküs — Concrete Hearts (Ketchüp and Müstard Indüstries)
  • Wild Evel and The Trashbones — Berlin On Fire, 7” (s/r)
  • Hannah Barberas — When You Were My Boyfriend (s/r)
  • Battlebeats — You Don’t Know Me 7”
  • Carolyn’s Favorite Songs of 2022

  • Da Groins — The General Public
  • Snõõper — Powerball
  • Cool Greenhouse — Get Unjaded
  • Sick Thoughts — Mother, I Love Satan
  • Half Heads — Green and Gold
  • Trash Knife — Stand Up
  • Man A Monster — Warm Blooded Creatures
  • Dion Lunadon — It’s The Truth
  • Nasty Rumors — Shut The Hell Up
  • MC16 — Class War
  • Tite Nauts — On Your Lawn (Antifas)
  • Les Dead Boobs — Marre
  • Glycereens — Electric
  • Memes — Second Thought
  • Carolyn’s Favorite Reissues/Archival Releases released in 2022

  • Ivy Green — I’m Sure We’re Gonna Make It /Pak ‘m Beet, 7” (Wap Shoo Wap)
  • Ervin Berlin — Junior’s Got Brain Damage, 7”, (Total Punk)
  • Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice — Scomo Goes To Hawaii /While Aus Burns, LP (Marthouse/Swash)
  • Les Calamities — Encore! 1983-1987, LP (Born Bad)
  • Dangerous Girls — Recordings 1978-1982 LP (Rave Up)
  • Aunt Sally — LP
  • Schoolgirl Bitch
  • Antler Joe and The Accidents — Go Commercial, 7” (Last Laugh)
  • Neighborhood Blues Boys — Slave Girl, 7” (Mighty Mouth)
  • Bam Bam — Villains (Also Wear White), 7” (s/r)
  • Carolyn’s Favorite Compilations of 2022

  • GTRRC III, 2xLP (Legless)
  • Polish Sausage Sauerkraut A Collection Of Gizmos Covers, cassette (Gulcher)
  • She Don’t Need You, cassette (Girlsville)
  • Swatches Vol 2 (Painters Tapes)
  • Standing With Ukraine (Socks On)
  • When Are You Gonna Quit & Get A Real Job? (Raving Pop)
  • Typical Girls Volume 6 (Emotional Response)
  • Carolyn’s Favorite Shows of 2022

  • Bono — The Orpheum
  • Snooper — Eli’s Mike High Club
  • My Name Is Joe — Ireland’s 32
  • Bauhaus — The Masonic
  • Bret McKenzie — The Fillmore
  • Jon Spencer and the HitMakers — Bottom of the Hill
  • Tav Falco- The Great Northern
  • Soft Cell — The Masonic
  • Roxy Music — Chase Center
  • Bruno Mars — Lincoln Center, NYC
  • 2022 Songs to Inspire Us To Finally Eliminate the patriarchy

  • Petrol Girls, Baby, I Had An Abortion
  • Petrol Girls, Clowns
  • Unsanitary Napkin, All Billionaires Are Bastards
  • Trash Knife, Stand Up
  • Isotope Soap, The Power Of Weak Minds
  • Panic Shack, Jiu Jits You
  • Sniffany and the Nits, The Unscratchable Itch
  • Gut Health, Lethargic
  • Top 13 Albums

    1. Sweet Tooth from Mali Obamsawin on Out of Your Head records
    2. Grief from Samora Pinderhughes on Stretch Music/Ropeadope
    3. Jazz Codes from Moor Mother on Anti-
    4. Breaking the Thermometer (To Hide the Fever) from Leyla McCalla on Anti-
    5. Vulture Prince from Arooj Aftab on Verve 
    6. The Gleam from Park Jiha on Glitterbeat
    7. Fred Moten, Brandon López, Gerald Cleaver: Moten/López/Cleaver, Reading Group
    8. Forbidden Feelingz from Nia Archives on  HIJINXX
    9. For the Love of Fire and Water from Myra Melfords For the Love of Fire and Water Quintet on Rogue Art
    10. Could We Be More from Kokoroko on Brownswood 
    11. In These Times from Makaya McCraven on  International Anthem
    12. The 7th Hand from Immanuel Wilkins on Blue Note
    13. White Jesus Black Problems from Fantastic Negrito on Storefront Records

    Top 13 Local Tracks

    1. Masculinity (ft. Immanuel Wilkins) by Samora Pinderhughes, from Grief, Stretch Music/Ropeadope
    2. Keleya by Orchestra Gold on from upcoming  Medicine, self-release.
    3. María José Montijo, Realismo mágico by upcoming Esotérica Tropical self-release
    4. Penas con Pan by La Doña on self-release single
    5. Highest Bidder by Fantastic Negrito, from White Jesus Black Problems, Storefront records
    6. Fake FruitNo Mutuas, single, Rocks In Your Head records
    7. Rock Inside My Shoe by Mayya from Infinite Possible Futures
    8. I Believe In Things by Lalin St. Juste from Vertulie
    9. Why Are We Waiting by Camellia Boutros from Refuge, self-release
    10. The Situation-Remix by Jazz Mafia from Family Business, JM Collective Recordings
      Changing5s by The Alaya Project from The Alaya Project, self-release
    11. Heart String Special (ft. Liv.e) by Mejiwahn, from Beanna, Hot Record Societé
    12. It’s Your Mischief (ft. Sun Kin) by bromf, from Arousal, 769486 records DK

    Top 13 Shows (and the one I regret missing)

    1. Gleeker at Thrillhouse Records, 7/23 (and at the Knockout recently )
    2. Camae Ayewa/Moor Mother; Tesidency at The Lab, 12/16-17, inc. performances with Irreversible Entanglements, 700 Bliss, Maia of the Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra, Black Quantum Futurism/Rasheedah Phillips
    3. Soweto Kinch’s The Black Peril, at SF JAZZ/Miner, 5/19
    4. Samora Pinderhughes’ The Healing Project opening at YBCA, 3/24
    5. Myra Melford’s For the Love of Fire and Water Quintet (w/ Tomeka Reid, Mary Halvorson, Ingrid Laubrock, Susie Ibarra ) at SF JAZZ/Joe Henderson Lab, 10/6
    6. Brooklyn Raga Massive / Alice Coltrane Tribute. (w/ Reggie Workman, Destiny Muhammad, Richard Howell, Kev Choice, David Ewell ) free at Yerba Buena Gardens, 6/11
    7. Arooj Aftab at Gray Area (NoisePop Fest.), 2/22
    8. Sons of Kemet ( last tour …w/ Melanie Charles opening!), at the Independent, 4/12
    9. Makaya McCraven (w/ Theon Cross opening! KXSF co-presents!), at the Independent, 10/23
    10. Nicole Mitchell & Black Earth Sway (w/ Brandee Younger opening!) at SF JAZZ/Miner, 6/13
    11. Muzi at Crybaby, 6/2
    12. Jerry Harrison/Adrian Belew (perform Remain in Light) at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, 10/1
    13. Charming Hostess (Fierce As Death | Queer As The Song of Songs, Jewlia Eisenberg memorial performance), at Contemporary Jewish Museum, 10/2
  • + the one I missed: Emma-Jean Thackray at DuNord, 8/3 (reliable sources say it was slamming)
  • My 100 Favorite Songs of 2022

    1. C Duncan— Pretending
    2. Gwenno— Tresor
    3. Shamir— Nuclear
    4. The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness— Isolation (feat. Mary Lou Lord)
    5. Hollie Cook— Love In The Dark
    6. Pete Astor— Time On Earth
    7. The Chrysanthemums— The Danger Of Bat Faeces
    8. Savak— Empathy
    9. The Orchids— I Never Thought I Was Clever
    10. Peel Dream Magazine— Pad
    11. Seth Swirsky— Making It Up As We Go Along
    12. Horseface— Sanakirjan Takana
    13. Weyes Blood— Children Of The Empire
    14. The Vat Egg Imposition— I Bought You Crisps
    15. Spiral Stairs— Too Late
    16. Red Sleeping Beauty— Solid Gold (feat. Amelia Fletcher)
    17. Sunflower Bean— In Flight
    18. Sloan— She Put Up With What She Put Down
    19. Dungen— Om Det Finns Något Som Du Vill Fråga Mig
    20. The Paranoid Style— Barney Bubbles
    21. Jim Nothing— Yellow House
    22. Jockstrap— What’s It All About?
    23. Flasher— Sideways
    24. The Cool Greenhouse— Hard Rock Potato
    25. Martin Courtney— Time To Go
    26. Free Time— Lost World
    27. Chronophage— Burst The Shell
    28. Dina Ögon— Oas
    29. Alvvays— Tile By Tile
    30. La Femme— Contaminado
    31. Quasi— Doomscrollers
    32. Apollo Ghosts— Anxious Love, Pt. 2
    33. Belle And Sebastian— Talk To Me, Talk To Me
    34. Jane Weaver— Oblique Fantasy
    35. Beachheads— Shine
    36. Poor Performer— The Point
    37. U.S. Girls— So Typically Now
    38. Popolice— Both Ways
    39. Sofie Royer— Baker Miller Pink
    40. Kiwi Jr.— Night Vision
    41. Renovator’s Delight— Miranda
    42. Bodega— How Can I Help Ya?
    43. Model Shop— Millionaires
    44. Von Korf— Hilfe Im Angebot
    45. The Beths— Your Side
    46. Yard Act— 100% Endurance
    47. HANN— My Mum Was Nico’s Driver
    48. Sternpost— Näring Åt Natur
    49. Alyssa Gengos— Gothenburg English
    50. Black Midi— Eat Men Eat
    51. Police And Pea— Dumplings Stuffed With Idiot
    52. Naima Bock— Campervan
    53. Superchunk— On The Floor
    54. Nick Frater— Love Heist
    55. Lewsberg— Six Hills
    56. СОЮЗ / SOYUZ— Offscreen
    57. Aoife Nessa Frances— Way To Say Goodbye
    58. Kelley Stoltz— Your Name Escapes Me
    59. Leah Callahan— Another Day
    60. Porridge Radio— End Of Last Year
    61. Disq— This Time
    62. My Idea— Pretty You
    63. Mélanie— La Belle Histoire
    64. Those Pretty Wrongs— Paper Cup
    65. Kamikaze Palm Tree— Predicament
    66. Hot Chip— Hard To Be Funky (feat. Lou Hayter)
    67. Ruth Tafebe— Nimba Flycatcher
    68. Nathan Hall And The Sinister Locals— Song For Janet Margolin
    69. Bart Davenport— Billionaires
    70. Molly Nilsson— Take Me To Your Leader
    71. The Jazz Butcher— Goodnight Sweetheart
    72. Aldous Harding— Fever
    73. Victoria— Favourite Teacher
    74. Freezing Hands— Lovers Of Humanity
    75. Eyelids— Everything That I See You See Better
    76. The Caraway— Dislike You
    77. Arts & Leisure— Pretty
    78. Beach House— Another Go Around
    79. Bill Baird— ∞Time∞Revolving∞Time∞
    80. Tchotchke— Don’t Hang Up On Me
    81. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever— Bounce Off The Bottom
    82. The Medium— Space Horse
    83. Naja Naja— Dong Dong
    84. Tim Burgess— Typical Music
    85. Yea-Ming And The Rumours— Oh, Sweet Mother
    86. Oneida— I Wanna Hold Your Electric Hand
    87. Cozy Slippers— Unattended
    88. Tony Molina— I Don’t Like That He
    89. Christian Blunda— Every Day I Go To Space
    90. Astrel K— Is It It Or Is It i?
    91. The Bye Bye Blackbirds— Marching
    92. Bird Streets— Burnout
    93. Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band— Broken Beauty
    94. The Order Of The 12— Money Can’t Buy
    95. Chuckle Fume— Tracy Lynn
    96. Bret McKenzie— Carry On
    97. Acid House Kings— Honey, Honey
    98. Jill Lorean— Black Dog
    99. Test Card Girl— Fly
    100. Jenny Hval— American Coffee

    Top 15 Shows that Made Me Wanna Quit Everything and Devote this Entire Existence to Sound Manipulation

  • Abstracter & Dearth @ Eli’s Mile High Club (Oakland, CA – September 24)
  • Boris @ Great American Music Hall (SF, CA – September 21)
  • Civerous & Vorlust @ The Golden Bull (Oakland, CA – July 15)
  • Enslaved @ Fire in the Mountains (Moran, WY – July 23)
  • Godspeed You! Black Emperor @ The Regency Ballroom (SF, CA – March 5)
  • Haunter, Panopticon & Ripped to Shreds @ Northwest Terror Fest (Seattle, WA – July 1)
  • Inter Arma, Suffering Hour & Antichrist Siege Machine @ Medium Well in Hell (Raleigh, NC – August 6)
  • Kikagaku Moyo @ The Far Out Lounge (Austin, TX – September 17)
  • King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard @ Red Rocks (Morrison, CO – October 11)
  • Ludicra, Funeral Chant & Deathgrave @ Great American Music Hall (SF, CA – November 12)
  • The Mars Volta & Teri Gender Bender @ The Warfield (SF, CA – October 19)
  • Nile & Incantation @ Cornerstone (Berkeley, CA – February 16)
  • Oneohtrix Point Never & Yves Tumor @ Portola Music Festival (SF, CA – September 25)
  • Wolves in the Throne Room & Obsequiae @ Fire in the Mountains (Moran, WY – July 24)
  • Yob @ Great American Music Hall (SF, CA – March 19)
  • 15 Albums that Enhance the Spectrum of Human Experience (non-Metal Edition)

  • billy woods: Aethiopes (Backwoodz Studioz)
  • Black Midi: Hellfire (Rough Trade)
  • Danger Mouse & Black Thought: Cheat Codes (BMG)
  • Dead Meadow: Force Form Free (Blues Funeral Recordings)
  • Gospel: The Loser (Dog Knights Productions)
  • Guerilla Toss: Famously Alive (Sub Pop)
  • Kikagaku Moyo: Kumoyo Island (Guruguru Brain)
  • King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard: Laminated Denim (KGLW)
  • Mamaleek: Diner Coffee (The Flenser)
  • Makaya McCraven: In These Times (Nonesuch, International Anthem Recording Company, XL Recordings)
  • SAULT: Air (Forever Living Originals)
  • Klaus Schulz: Deus Arrakis (SPV)
  • Soul Glo: Diaspora Problems (Epitaph Records)
  • Sudan Archives: Natural Brown Prom Queen (Stones Throw Records)
  • Wrecking Crew: Sedale Threat (Self-released)
  • 15 Albums to Worship on the Altar of Black Metal

  • Arizmenda: Spiders Lust in the Dungeon’s Dust (Self-released)
  • Daeva: Through Sheer Will and Black Magic (20 Buck Spin)
  • Det Eviga Leendet: Reverence (Mystískaos)
  • Esoctrilihum: Consecration of the Spiritüs Flesh (I, Voidhanger Records)
  • Faceless Entity: The Great Anguish of Rapture (Self-released)
  • Gevurah: Gehinnom (Profound Lore)
  • Gudsforladt: Friendship, Love and War (Self-released)
  • Nansarunai: Ruins of the Moonlight Temple (Self-released)
  • Negative Plane: The Pact… (Invictus Productions)
  • Pure Wrath: Hymn to the Woeful Hearts (Debemur Morti Productions)
  • Scarcity: Aveilut (The Flenser)
  • SkyThala: Boreal Despair (I, Voidhanger Records)
  • Trhä: Vat Gëlénva!!! (Self-released)
  • Vital Spirit: Still as the Night, Cold as the Wind (Vendetta Records)
  • Wiegedood: There’s Always Blood at the End of the Road (Century Media)
  • 15 Albums for Headbanging and Introspecting

  • Autonoesis: Moon of Foul Magics (Self-released)
  • Chat Pile: God’s Country (The Flenser)
  • Conjurer: Páthos (Nuclear Blast)
  • Cosmic Putrefaction: Crepuscular Dirge for the Blessed Ones (Profound Lore)
  • Dream Unending: Song of Salvation (20 Buck Spin)
  • Haunter: Discarnate Ails (Profound Lore)
  • Inanna: Void of Unending Depths (Memento Mori)
  • The Otolith: Folium Limina (Blues Funeral Recordings)
  • Pyrithe: Monuments to Impermanence (Gilead Media)
  • Ripped to Shreds: 劇變 (Jubian)(Relapse Records)
  • Sedimentum: Suppuration Morphogénésiaque (Me Saco un Ojo Records)
  • Triumvir Foul: Onslaught to Seraphim (Vrasubatlat)
  • Tzompantli: Tlazcaltiliztli (20 Buck Spin)
  • Vacuous: Dreams of Dysphoria (Me Saco un Ojo Records)
  • Verberis: Adumbration of the Veiled Logos (Norma Evangelium Diaboli)
  • 15 Splits & EPs (When The Man Has You on Time Constraints)

  • Bedsore & Mortal Incarnation: Split (20 Buck Spin)
  • Floating Points: Someone Close (Ninja Tune)
  • Ginger RootNisemono (Acrophase Records)
  • Malthusian & Suffering Hour: Time’s Withering Shadow (Invictus Productions)
  • Moonlight Sorcery: Piercing Through the Frozen Eternity (Self-released)
  • Omegavortex & Pious Levus: Split (Dark Descent Records)
  • Qrixkuor: Zoetrope (Invictus Productions)
  • Ritual Necromancy & Fossilization: Split (Everlasting Spew Records)
  • Tchornobog & Abyssal: Split (Lupus Lounge)
  • Terminal Nation & KRUELTY: The Ruination of Imperialism (20 Buck Spin)
  • Tomb Mold: Aperture of Body (Self-released)
  • Trog: Of Vomit Reborn (Self-released)
  • Vile Ritual: Tongues of the Exanimate (Sentient Ruin Laboratories)
  • Wampyric Rites & Nansarunai: The Astounding Proliferation of Rites (Self-released)
  • Worm: Bluenothing (20 Buck Spin)
  • Top 10 Albums from 2022

    1. Cool It Down by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    2. Radiate Like Us by Warpaint
    3. Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You by Big Thief
    4. Sentimental Fool by Lee Fields
    5. Big Time by Angel Olsen
    6. Light Moving Time by BabeHoven
    7. What Kind of Blue Are You? by Winter
    8. (watch my moves) by Kurt Vile
    9. A Light for Attracting Attention by The Smile
    10. Thee Sacred Souls by Thee Sacred Souls

    Top 15 Songs

    1. Change by Big Thief from Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You
    2. I’m So Tired by Jennylee from
    3. Spitting off the Edge of the World by Yeah Yeah Yeahs from
    4. Echo Party by Sylvan Esso from No Rules Sandy
    5. New Beginning by Automatic from Excess
    6. Hard to Tell You by Warpaint from Radiate like us
    7. Bad Habit by Steve Lacy from Gemini Rights
    8. Big Time by Angel Olsen from Big Time
    9. Wet Dream by Wet leg from Wet Leg
    10. Tonight by Phoenix from Alpha Zulu
    11. Moderation by Cate Le Bon from Pompeii
    12. You Say by On Being an Angel from On Being a Tape Vol. II
    13. Dirtbag Transformation (Still Dirty) by Horsegirl from Versions of Modern Performance
    14. Marion by Babehoven from Light Moving Time
    15. Together by SAULT from 11

    Top 10 Shows from 2022

    1. Khruangbin/Men I Trust at the Greek Berkeley 7-16-22
    2. Phoenix/Cutcopy/Porches at the Greek Berkeley 10-7-22
    3. Angel Olsen, Julien Baker, Sharon Van Etton at the Greek 7-30-22
    4. Violent Femmes/Deap Vally at UC Theater 6-7-22
    5. Cat Power at Stern Grove 7-17-22
    6. Warpaint/JennyLee/Goldensuns at UC Theater 8-22-22
    7. Built to Spill/Itchy Kitty/Prism Bitch at The Rio Santa Cruz 2-10-22
    8. Dinosaur Jr/Pink Mountaintops at The Fillmore 2-17-22
    9. Cate LeBon/A Savage at UC Theater 9-30-22
    10. Fleet Foxes/Tim Bernardes at the Greek Berkeley 7-10-22

    Top Shows 2022 (Non-Festival & Non-Phish Edition)

  • King Gizzard at Greek Theatre
  • Moon Duo at The Chapel
  • Smashing Pumpkins at Chase Center
  • Taper’s Choice at Larimer Lounge, Denver
  • My Morning Jacket at Red Rocks (n 1)
  • Spiritualized at The Fillmore
  • King Gizzard at Bimbo’s 365
  • Porridge Radio at Rickshaw Stop
  • L’Imperatrice at Conservatory of Flowers
  • Mildlife at The Independent (I think?)
  • Franc Moody at Bimbo’s 365
  • The KVB at Rickshaw
  • Delicate Steve at The Independent
  • Sons of Kemet at The Independent
  • Babe Rainbow at The Chapel
  • Yard Act at Great American Music Hall
  • Gage Kenady

    Top LPs

  • I Love You Jennifer B by Jockstrap (by far my fave)
  • Baby U Know by Bas Jan
  • Not In Da Club by Not In Da Club (the most “out there” release I enjoyed)
  • Endless Void by Catlin Cobb-Vialet
  • Dance Until The Crimes End by Bess Of Bedlam
  • Covers The Greats by The Perfect Trip
  • Have You Ever by Claudia Molitor
  • Genius Killer by The Mommyheads
  • Sides by Lean Year
  • Muramuke by Barbara Panther and Matthew Herbert
  • Lost Bees by Roamer
  • I Get Along Without You Very Well by Ellen Arkbro & Johan Graden
  • Top EPs

  • This Is Our House by Pom Poko
  • Motorbike by Blue Bendy
  • Tall Stories Long Grass by The Happy Somethings
  • Night Raver by Springtime
  • Mophradat Songs For Kids Vol. 1
  • Polyawkward by English Teacher
  • The Wife Guys Walk Into Oncoming Traffic by The Wife Guys Of Reddit
  • Top Live Shows

  • The Mommyheads live on KXSF and at The Chapel
  • Deerhoof at Great American Music Hall
  • Palm + Water From Your Eyes at Rickshaw Stop
  • Anika at Rickshaw Stop
  • Vanishing Twin at Rickshaw Stop
  • Mamalarky at Bottom Of The Hill
  • Andy Chaos

    Top Shows 2022

  • The Spits / VR Sex / The Control Freaks at Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, CA. 1/25/2022
  • Subhumans / Generacion Suicida / Kanta Kanta at Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA. 7/15/2022
  • The Mummies / The Fevers at Thee Stork Club, Oakland, CA. 10/8/2022
  • Captured! By Robots / Protected Left / George Crustanza / Lipstick Photos at First Church of Buzzard, Oakland, CA. 11/19/2022
  • Daikaiju / Frankie and The Pool Boys / Hangtown at Ivy Room, Albany, CA. 9/28/2022
  • The Briefs / Suzi Moon at Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA. 11/7/2022
  • A Wilhelm Scream / Brendan Kelly / MakeWar Setlists at Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA. 6/16/2022
  • The Bouncing Souls / Swingin’ Utters / The Last Gang Setlists at Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA. 5/15/2022
  • Strike Anywhere / Western Addiction / Decent Criminal at Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA. 5/13/2022
  • Hot Water Music / Good Riddance / Bad Cop/Bad Cop Setlists at Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA. 7/9/2022
  • Rixe / Spiritual Cramp / Screaming Fist at Stay Gold Deli, Oakland, CA. 8/11/2022
  • Noogy / Leer at 3rd and Army, San Francisco, CA. 2/11/2022
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