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Midnight Tonight
Supper Sessions - Stand Be Cider
It’s your time! It’s your right! It’s the last Supper Sessions before the most fateful election of our time. Tune in this Sunday for songs about Fruit, a riveting tale of local Cider production, and a litany of facts about basic democracy. Guest Host, the6thdegree will be joined by Bex Pezzullo, owner operator of Oakland’s own Sincere Cider.
5pm Sunday
  1. Mini Skirt – Casino
  2. Idles – Ultra Mono
  3. Metz – Atlas Vending
  4. Bee Bee Sea – Day Ripper
  5. Mrs. Piss – Self-Surgery
  6. L.A. Witch – Play With Fire
  7. Death Valley Girls – Under The Spell Of Joy
  8. Deseos Primitivos – Deseos Primitivos
  9. Dead Famous People – Harry
  10. Cut Worms – Nobody Lives Here Anymore

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