Mawkish Twaddle. Saturday, 10 p.m.

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Mawkish Twaddle – Saturdays from 10pm to Midnight.

This show is often a jangly pack of freeform bubblegum and occasionally a jarring squall of sound.  Bob N. selects and spins the choicest tracks from brand new releases the world over, spiking them with older selections that are both exciting and not overplayed.  Few subgenres are off limits but indie pop, post-punk, sunshine pop, indie/college rock, power pop, art rock, psych pop, and chamber pop dominate the two-hour show.


  1. Good morning! I am enjoying Mawkish Twaddle from Hungary (where it is Sunday morning). I have two Hungarian recommendations for you, which I think might be up your alley: the band Platon Karataev, and the solo work of one of the members, Cz.K. Sebő. You can find an abundance of their work on Bandcamp, YouTube, Spotify, etc.–and both are coming out with new albums (PK in November; Cz.K. Sebő sometime this spring). This is gorgeous, guitar-filled, harmony-exuberant rock.

    Platon Karataev, “Ex Nihilo”:
    Cz.K. Sebő, “Light as the Breeze”:
    Oh, and two more favorites:
    Platon Karataev, “Elevator”:
    Cz.K. Sebő, “Hart”:

    Thank you for a great show; looking forward to many more! This Eleventh Dream Say song playing right now is very appealing; I am going to listen to more of them.


  2. Typo: “Eleventh Dream Day,” not “Say”…..

  3. Bob N.

    Thanks, Diana! I’m always looking for exciting new sounds from afar (and near as well). I’ll listen to Cz.K. Sebő and PK this week!

    Glad you’re liking the show!

    Bob N.

  4. Seb

    Hello, guten Morgen!

    I’m having breakfast in Münster/ Germany while listening to the Twaddle!


  5. Bob N.

    Thanks, Seb! It’s always exciting to hear from overseas listeners. I hope you were tuned in when I played your track!

    Before the program moved to its current Saturday evening slot, it aired on Sunday mornings from 7 to 10 AM Pacific time. Those are the exact hours that listeners in Central Europe can hear it in real time these days!