Frequency Uplift

Sundays, 10pm – Midnight (Pacific)

…is your weekly amplification of uplift music from every tongue and from every corner.  We hope to elevate your Sunday night, with songs of celebration, of hope and freedom and justice ( AND, of course, hopefully a few love songs , and inevitably, a few songs of complaint and blues, it BEING Monday…). BRINGING you voices from and of the community live, from the neighborhood and from across the planet: poets and painters, musicians and organizers and likely your neighbors, all our broad family. A sonic salve for the soul, see ya here Sunday nights, with your host; radio bob

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  1. Laughing Jim

    You ran way too many ads tonight! Great music though. Love you. Bob. I want your t-shirt!

  2. Bob Thawley

    thanks for tuning in, Jim ! … working on a t-shirt design. Probably not ready before the new year tho’. sadly … keep listening though and you’ll be the first to know. ¡UPLIFT!