The Everything Show (Archive Page)

Saturday, 6pm to 9pm

It’s THE EVERYTHING SHOW hosted by Dan Carlisle. Nothing is too hip or too square just great music from every source.  Be there or be square.

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  1. David Gorden

    Once an Air Ace, always an Air Ace. Thank you, Dan for the wonderful mix of sounds and the occasional mention of The Motor City.

  2. Mike

    Hi Dan, your Detroit fan base is growing. I live the music your playing. I just sent in a donation.

  3. David Gorden

    What’s the name of the tune by Guitar Wolf that you recently played ?

  4. KXSF

    The Cato Salsa Experience > Planet Heart > I Love Guitar Wolf Very Much

  5. Jim

    Playing a wide variety of tasty tunes.
    Amazing breadth you have there Dan.

  6. Agree with Jim, another great mix. Listening using large performance Yamaha speakers. Excellent low end in this music. Most enjoyable.

  7. David Gorden

    RIP Air Ace Jerry Lubin. Lunch with L:ubin. Cruisin’ with Lubin.

  8. David Gorden

    Thanks so much for the Jimmie Reed.

  9. David Gorden

    Nice story about listening to the Kokaine Karma program with Frawley and Rudnick and sounds like a nice ‘ride’ too. I liked Dennis a lot.

  10. Best radio show going! Thanks, Dan!!

  11. David Gorden

    “Alvin Cash and the Crawlers”?

  12. Jim

    Aye! Dan. You’re going to make that radio station glow in the Dark!

  13. Tim Briere

    Passing the word about your show in the Detroit area. Former fan happy to hear your ongoing brilliant choices.

  14. Michael Lesiak

    Love the Everything Show; best music on the planet.

  15. Dan McCreedy

    Me like!


    Not sure how many CHS folks know you’re out here still doing what you do, but I’m glad you are, and will pass the word on to the as yet, straggling uninitiated wherever I may find them and clue them in. Stay safe and see you back home one of these fine days, Dan.

  17. Music is everything. Thanks for this show Dan 👏🥰❤️

  18. The transition from “Hey, Hey, Rise Up!” to “Strange Days” is pure genius. “You hear me talk of sin and you know this is it….”

  19. Dan Farkas

    So glad I looked up and found your show page! I was a kid listening to you in South Florida on WSHE way back, picked up Walking With Mr Lee at an old record shop after calling and asking what your background theme music was. I recall you dedicating Psycho Killer to all the babysitters out there… Life changing and affirming!

  20. leo

    will miss you saturday nights, DAN CARLISLE!!! 🙁

  21. Thank you for leaving this show up to stream. I let it roll during my long days in the coal mines of San Diego. Just can’t help but feel the same vibes I used to have listening to you in the BIg D. This last show felt like Belle Isle Kite Day! The Air Aces live on with you Dan, Much Apprciation.