The Open Mind Music Experience. Wednesday, 10AM – #ROOTS #REGGAE #FUNK #PUNK

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The Open Mind Music Experience / Toastin’ Jam

Wednesdays 10am ’til 2pm

Every Wednesday DJ Hankster broadcasts THE OPEN MIND MUSIC EXPERIENCE: a free-flowing exploration of sounds familiar & foreign, a journey from ABBA to Zappa followed by TOASTIN’ JAM for more music at NOON! It’s a 4-hour tour of merriment & groove, from funk to punk. Roots, rock, reggae. Blue-notes & anecdotes. Whatever’s clever & catches Henry’s ears.


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  1. Hello DJ Hankster, how are you?

    I hope everything’s alright! Just passing by to let you know that the second album ‘Só’ (‘Alone’ or ‘Only’) by the Brazilian band Estranhos Românticos (Strange Romantics) – mixing indie rock, tropicalia, post-punk, jovem guarda, new wave, surf music and soul – produced by the Argentine Seu Cris, featuring guitarists JR Tostoi (Lenine), Gilber T (BNegão & Seletores de Frequência), João Pedro Bonfá and Dom Horacio (Superpuestos) on guitars, came out in May.

    Different songs from the album have been playing on radio stations and sites throughout the world – such as KXSF (Mawkish Twaddle), KRBX (The Daft Manifesto) and WTJU (Callum-Mitchell-Show) FMs (US); CKIA and CJSW FMs (Canada); Ibero 90,9 and UAM Radio 94.1 FMs (Mexico); Valley FM 89.5 (Australia); Sounds and Colours, Totally Radio, West Norfolk Radio and Salford City Radio (England); ALPA, Jet and Fréquence Mutine FMs (France); Granollers and Contrabanda FMs (Spain) and Kosmos FM (Greece) – and you might like them too… In this case, write me so I can send you a download link.

    All the best,
    Pedro Serra