The Barndance

Wednesdays – 10 ’til Midnight

Hosted by Rusty Blades, Wrong Side Of The Road Joe, The Hankster & Shelby Ash


  1. Marie

    Loved a song you played last night, 8/19/20, approximately 10:10 – 10:20 pm, featured steel guitar. Wish I could give you more particulars, but was hoping you’d be able to supply the band/song. Thanking you in advance. I just discovered your station and will be checking it out more.

  2. Giddiyup!

  3. Joe

    Rusty’s 8/25 show was very good.

  4. I believe it was Rainbow Girls

  5. Boom

    Thanks Joe

  6. Ol’ Has Ben

    Ya’ll er killin it!

  7. Lamb

    Is it ok for non liberals to enjoy these hoe-down, shin-dig, boot-stomping, skirt-spinning tunes? Yeehaww