Retractable Moments. 4 p.m.

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Terrifyingly sweet, Menacingly pleasant. Heavy music for the light-hearted. Fridays 4-6, tune into RETRACTABLE MOMENTS on KXSF 102.5 FM or online for math rock, noise, DIY, metal, and more with DJ Retractable.


  1. Alan Miller

    Hey hey, good stuff. Can you tell me the song that played about 5:18pm to 5:23pm? There was one more song, then a break, then a Code Orange song after break. It was instrumental electric jam.

  2. KXSF

    Hi Alan, the full playlist should be available here – we also have a recent spins section on our home page where you can observe the last 8-tracks from pretty much any show! Hope it helps man! Thanks for listening 🙂