Pinkies Down


Grab your coffee and get your classical “Rachmanin-offs” Sunday mornings from 6-8am with the Pinkies Down Classical Show and your host KateR, only on KXSF 102.5 FM &

Tune in to the Pinkies Down Show No. 11,  this Sunday, 1/17 from 6-8am PT, featuring a wonderful variety of deep cuts and personal favorites from Spain, Mexico, Cuba, and South America including works by Gaspar Cassadó (Suite for Cello = total love), Manuel Ponce, Enrico Chapela, and Paquito D’Rivera. I’m excited to share these pieces with you. Join me as I kickoff the Sunday morning lineup on KXSF 102.5 FM, San Francisco. You can download the KXSF app to tune in, or visit 


  1. Fantastic show! I glad I found out about this and glad it streams 24×7 now!

  2. Elizabeth Bolle

    Amazing show!