Mudhoney @ Great American Music Hall 5/22/2022

Web editor

by Scott Tolar

I had the pleasure of attending the second night of Mudhoney and The Meat Puppets at the Music Hall on Sunday May 22nd. I was lucky enough to be hanging out with musically connected folks, and got to sit in the lovely, spacious reserved section at the front of the balcony. Ohh La La. First for me…

The bands were alternating headliners throughout the tour, and it was Mudhoney’s turn to open the show. That classic, raw, ferocious sound filled the hall, and got better and better as the show went on.

Mudhoney, May 22, 2022 at Great American Music Hall (Photo by Scott Tolar)

About the time I thought they were done, someone came on stage and spoke to the band briefly, before the band then continued to play for 20 more minutes or so. During this time, word was reaching our balcony that the Meat Puppets were not going to appear, as two members had tested positive for COVID that evening.

After Mudhoney’s set ended, the remaining member of the Meat Puppets came out and told the crowd what was up. The show was over.

Refunds were offered as well, and the line was growing at the box office as I left. We had just experienced a great hour and a half rock show, and I personally felt like it was kind of lame to ask for your money back. Bummer.

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