Megatrends, Wednesdays 12 to 2 p.m.

Fari Agharabi

Welcome to MEGATRENDS, the KXSF afternoon show of interviews and music intended inform and inspire our listeners.  I am your host Patrick Fahey, longtime Bay Area “good troublemaker”.    

Today is the first of many upcoming Megatrend broadcasts you won’t want to miss on Wednesdays between Noon and 2 PM on KXSF-102.5 FM.  

Our format for Megatrends is simple: it consists of Zoom audio interviews with some of the leading “megatrenders”, the movers and shakers, the real problems solvers in the 21st century, providing KXSF listeners with illuminating “under the radar” large-scale operations that provide opportunity and hope, that reverse dystopia and idiocracy.