Mawkish Twaddle

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t’s another Twaddle with almost entirely new sounds! This week’s selections are from Buffet Lunch; Alpine Decline; The Fernweh; Farewell Horizontal; Nervous Twitch; Goat Girl; Brad Marino; Swansea Sound; The Telephone Numbers; Squid; The Crushing Violets; Florence Adooni; Kiwi Jr.; Kid Gulliver; The Spires; Cub Scout Bowling Pins; The Reds, Pinks And Purples; Monokultur; The Notwist; Rachel Love; Orange Like Me; The Airport 77s; Teenage Fanclub; Clémentine March; Outlaw Boogie; The Third Cut; My Jazzy Child; Chris Brokaw; Kyary Pamyu Pamyu; Matthew Sweet; TV Priest; Danielson; Juliana Hatfield; Kate Davis; The Chills; Saccades; The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness; Madlib; Ben Varian; Xiu Xiu; Tamar Aphek; Cobalt Chapel; Weezer; and Preening.
Also: a previously unreleased track from The Explorers Club and a newly compiled item from Disco Zombies.


  1. Bob..!! Or… you know, Colleague-of-Bob..!! A very swift one, this, from Way, Way Over The Pond… to thank you for playing The Chickpea Darlings on last week’s show (which took a whole week to wend its way into our collective consciousness… how did *that* happen..?). Most, most kind. Give our love to San Francisco… it’s been 19 years since we last visited, but have always thought of your chowder-based diet with great fondness. And… good luck getting rid of You-Know-Who, You-Know-When. He’s a dreadful rotter, isn’t he..? With all kindness, best wishes and top marks for a top show… Huw xx.

  2. Thanks, Huw! (I’m not sure how this system works. It seems quite possible you won’t receive a notification of the existence of this reply.) I’ll try to let Frisco know about your love for it — or at least I’ll play more Chickpea Darlings in the near future. And yes, we’re all longing for the day in the near future when that awful fucker — and his congressional enablers — are flushed down the electoral toilet, hopefully on their way to prison.