Mawkish Twaddle

This week’s Mawkish Twaddle sounds nothing like the Darling Buds! From Leo Sayer’s best Boz Scaggs at the fern bar on a Saturday night imitation to the most paint-peeling confection John Dwyer has ever recorded, and the perfect flow of “Even If You Can See Hell” into “Your Children Are Gonna Burn,” not to mention the presence of two Signals and one Singles, and also the best America track sung by Dewey Bunnell (no, not that one), there just might be something for everyone — or possibly something for no one — in this Twaddle.
There are amazing new sounds from Eggy; The Very Most; Kurt Baker; Santa Sprees; Terrible Signal; Guardian Singles; Latitude; Franc Lee; Coupons; The Sino Hearts; TOMMA INTET; Disco Vumbi; The Color Waves; Lunchbox; Gen Pop; Order Of The Toad; Supercrush; Pose Dia; Salem Trials; Love, Burns; André Salvador And The Von Kings; Dead Famous People; Tugboat Captain; Les Bicyclettes de Belsize; The Bats; Quintron & Miss Pussycat; The Luxembourg Signal; Milky Wimpshake; Wicketkeeper; Bee Bee Sea; Julie Et Joe; HighSchool; The Green Child; Staffers; Farewell Horizontal; Jane Weaver; Osees; The Mountain Goats; Guided By Voices.  You’ll also hear selections from new collections of material from Kiyoaki Iwamoto and The Bachelor Pad.
From the past: Hambi & The Dance (RIP Hambi Haralambous), America (as mentioned way, way above), Leo Sayer (also mentioned approximately 362 paragraphs ago), Prefab Sprout, and Terry Hall.


  1. Bob..!! Or… you know, Colleague-of-Bob..!! A very swift one, this, from Way, Way Over The Pond… to thank you for playing The Chickpea Darlings on last week’s show (which took a whole week to wend its way into our collective consciousness… how did *that* happen..?). Most, most kind. Give our love to San Francisco… it’s been 19 years since we last visited, but have always thought of your chowder-based diet with great fondness. And… good luck getting rid of You-Know-Who, You-Know-When. He’s a dreadful rotter, isn’t he..? With all kindness, best wishes and top marks for a top show… Huw xx.

  2. Thanks, Huw! (I’m not sure how this system works. It seems quite possible you won’t receive a notification of the existence of this reply.) I’ll try to let Frisco know about your love for it — or at least I’ll play more Chickpea Darlings in the near future. And yes, we’re all longing for the day in the near future when that awful fucker — and his congressional enablers — are flushed down the electoral toilet, hopefully on their way to prison.