Mawkish Twaddle


This week’s Twaddle includes utterly amazing new tracks from Comfort, The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries, Randolph’s Leap, Wurld Series, Fievel Is Glauque, The Vapour Trails, Occult Character, Ventla, Cub Scout Bowling Pins, Modern Studies, Styrofoam Winos, Freak Genes, Pierre Elitair, Mordecai, Ken Sharp, Aloa Input, Rat Columns, Silicone Prairie, Famous Logs In History, Patois Counselors, Skink Tank, I Am The Fly, Louis Philippe & The Night Mail, Toeheads, Conny Frischauf, Daniel Romano, Henrik Appel, Richard Youngs, Virginia Wing, R.AGGS, Jason Henn, Toads, Geeker-Natsumi, Penza Penza, Kiwi Jr., and Labasheeda.

From the past: Clarence Reid; The Shevelles; Versus; … And The Native Hipsters; Gerry Marsden (RIP); The Prophet Hens; Squire; Pernice Brothers; Shelby Lynne; The Ivy League; Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds; The Constant Sound; Del Shannon; and Pushups.


  1. Bob..!! Or… you know, Colleague-of-Bob..!! A very swift one, this, from Way, Way Over The Pond… to thank you for playing The Chickpea Darlings on last week’s show (which took a whole week to wend its way into our collective consciousness… how did *that* happen..?). Most, most kind. Give our love to San Francisco… it’s been 19 years since we last visited, but have always thought of your chowder-based diet with great fondness. And… good luck getting rid of You-Know-Who, You-Know-When. He’s a dreadful rotter, isn’t he..? With all kindness, best wishes and top marks for a top show… Huw xx.

  2. Thanks, Huw! (I’m not sure how this system works. It seems quite possible you won’t receive a notification of the existence of this reply.) I’ll try to let Frisco know about your love for it — or at least I’ll play more Chickpea Darlings in the near future. And yes, we’re all longing for the day in the near future when that awful fucker — and his congressional enablers — are flushed down the electoral toilet, hopefully on their way to prison.