This week’s Twaddle really is the best one ever – I’m convinced of that. It’s (almost) all new for ’22 and there’s something for everyone, with stellar new tracks from Partner Look; Love, Burns; Position Normal; Starry Eyed Cadet; The Lancashire Hustlers; Sparkbird & Stephan Nance; Tampopo; The Photocopies; Savage Mansion; Kids On A Crime Spree; Massage; The Aerosols; Nah…; Jonny Swift; Aeon Station; Young Guv; Schwund; The Monochrome Set; Jonathan Richman; The Luxembourg Signal; Weak Signal; Waikiki Champions; EXEK; Artsick; The Galileo 7; Jeff Tobias; Sad Eyed Beatniks; THREX; Modern Studies; AUA; Modern Nature; Superchunk; Orange Crate Art; Green/Blue; The Reds, Pinks & Purples; Curtis Godino Presents The Midnight Wishers; The Doozer; Guided By Voices; The British Stereo Collective; Seablite; Barbara; Tomato Flower; Savak; PJ Harvey; and Matt Berry Featuring Emma Noble.
From the past: a one-song tribute to the (possibly) late R. Dean Taylor, Mark E Smith’s favorite Canadian singer-songwriter.


  1. Sarah

    Wet Leg !!

  2. John

    so much good stuff, every week

  3. Old Rags

    Love the show. ThX!!

  4. Much love in 2022, Bob! Thank you kindly.

  5. Midge

    Dave Clark Five