This week’s Twaddle is action-packed with terrific new sounds from Nick Frater; Mo Troper; Constant Follower; Astral Brain; People Mover; The Flashcubes; Zero Percent APR; Swansea Sound; Hutch Harris; Stoner Will & The Narks; ONETWOTHREE; Clémentine March; Roller Derby; Constant Smiles; Lætitia Sadier; FULCO & Teletext; Black Country, New Road; Alicja-Pop; audiobooks; Antietam (feat. Georgia Hubley); Mouth Painter; Vanishing Twin; Dean Wareham; Julia Shapiro; Tears To Go; Karen Peris; Ward White; Humdrum; Dead Finks; Guided By Voices; The Courettes; Nina Savary; Baxter Dury; and Deerhoof.
There’s also a newly released old recording from Minisnap and a newly compiled old recording from Douaa.
From the past: Alan Hawkshaw (RIP), Momus, Sloan, Los Shakers, The Dooleys, R. Stevie Moore, Action Painting!, Steve Lawrence, Graham Fellows, and Blue Ash.


  1. Sarah

    Wet Leg !!

  2. John

    so much good stuff, every week