Saturdays, 6pm to 9pm (Pacific Time)

Hosted by Dan Carlisle, nothing is too hip or too square just great music from every source. THE EVERYTHING SHOW is the only radio show in America piped directly into Elvis’s grave. Be there or be square.

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  1. Anthony Lee

    Hi Dan. Yes, I see you listed using a web browser / computer.

  2. Carl Galeana

    Great show tonight!

  3. Thanks for always hosting a good show

  4. Joseph O'Keefe

    Dan, such a fine show today, truly tremendous, but as a longtime WABX Air Ace, I became surprisingly melancholy, wishing I could live with this great music all the time on the radio in Detroit. Thank you so much. And still wishing KXSF would put your podcasts on Android, not just Apple. I did get to see a couple of great shows live at Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids the last couple of weeks: Pink Martini and Los Lobos, absolutely one of my favorite bands ever, from the time I moved from The MC to LA in 1980. .Everything a winner on The Everything Show tonight, just wish I could always catch it. Best to you, as always, Joseph O’Keefe, musician, aka MrJoJangles.