10:01AM VVISIONSS- State of Confusion
10:06AM Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound- Ekranoplan
10:11AM Zement- C3a
10:16AM Rodion G.A.- Nu Tu Vei Fi
10:23AM Cosmic Dead- Anatta
10:38AM FireFriend- Three Dimensional Sound Glitch
10:43AM Cholo Visceral- Muca
10:53AM Crème De Hassan- Touki Bouki / Krik Krak
11:00AM Sunburned Hand of the Man- The Great Hope
11:07AM Curved Air- Vivaldi
11:10AM Rev Rev Rev- Clutching the Blade
11:15AM Tomaga & Pierre Bastien- The Meeting
11:25AM YAGOW- The Mess
11:33AM Мёртвая Голова- Не верь своим глазам
11:38AM Minami Deutsch- I’ve Seen a U.F.O.
11:48AM Kollektiv- Rambo Zambo

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