Drums in Front

Mondays 10am – Noon (Pacific Time)

Drum driven music on the FM and Online. Hosted by Pepe Abad on KXSF.FM on the Internet. Pepe usually plays Kraut-Rock, Psych Rock, Experimental Rock, and other unrelated music styles and out of the box music.

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  1. Douglas Walsh

    Great set this morning. Wondering where I can find a playlist for 10/19

  2. Pepe Abad

    Hi Douglas,
    You can find Drums in Front’s playlists on Spinitron: https://spinitron.com/KXSF/show/186251/Drums-in-Front
    Also, I upload past shows on Transistor: https://share.transistor.fm/s/245d3725
    Please let me know if you couldn’t access to any of these links.

  3. Hi Pepe,
    What song today (April 5, 2021) preceded The Lucid Dream? It’s missing from the playlist. Thanks!

  4. James

    The https://share.transistor.fm/s/245d3725 link does not work.

  5. Hi James,
    Yes, my Transistor account was not working but I’m trying to fix it and soon Drums In Front playlists will be there again.
    Thanks for your message and take care,

  6. Hi Dan Colton,
    Sorry for my late reply. The song that preceded The Lucid Dream on April 5th, was “Pink Bolt”, played live by the band Black Helium from the UK.
    I hope that helps.

  7. chino koki

    Saludos bro….como siempre gran musica

  8. chino koki

    Saludos brother….excelente musica como siempre…gracias

  9. Chino! gracias hermano, te envío una camionada (tamaño Antamina) de abrazos!