Don’t Fret. 12PM


One hour of Instrumental guitar music of all styles, with occasional interviews. Hosted by Dj Fari

Dj Fari has been a radio host for 22 years. She started Djing back at KUSF in 2000, hosting a classical music show called The Classical Salon. Soon after that she was asked to co-host the guitar show on KUSF called Guitar Journeys, an hour-long guitar show that was airing every Monday night at 11 pm. Eventually, she started hosting a French show called Francofun. A French show highlighting the French and francophone community of the Bay area with a great emphasis on French songs.

Since 2011, Dj Fari has been hosting Guitar Journeys (now called Don’t Fret) and Francofun on KXSF. In addition she co-hosts Ad Lib, a classical music show, with Dj Panda and she produces and hosts Stories Uncovered, a half hour show, highlighting audio works of students or other audio projects.

Listen to Dj Fari on:

Francofun Saturdays 11 am

Don’t Fret Saturdays at noon

Stories Uncovered Saturdays at 1pm

Ad Lib Thursday at 2 pm


  1. James Severson

    Do you have a playlist of what you played for today sat do Feb 13 2021? I loved everything and i have to know what those tracks were

  2. Dj Fari

    Hi James, The pieces that were played during the Feb 13 show were All in Twilight By Toru Takemitsu and performed by Frank Halasz, La Ciudad de las Columnas by Leo Brouwer and performed by Graham Anthony Devine, Triaela by Roland Dyens and performed by Thomas Viloteau, Due Canzoni Lidie by Nuccio D’Angelo and performed by Florian Larousse and finally Variations On a Theme of Scriabin by Alexander Tansman and performed by Irina Kulikova. Glad you enjoyed the show. Cheers.

  3. Thomas M Moylan

    I LOVED your show last Saturday. I was driving but could not write down the name of the long, abstract, and very technical and fast piece near the end. Something maybe about Alejandro and/or Tibbets? Thanks for a great show and I will be listening next week!