Punk, garage and trash coolness with CAROLYN Thanks to you for listening! 12:01 PM X-Ray Spex “The Day the World Turned Day-Glo” from Germ Free Adolescents 1977 on EMI 12:04 PM Teenage Head “Get Off My Back” from Teenage Head 1979 on Warner Music Canada 12:08 PM The Units “High Pressure Days” from High Pressure Days 1979 on s/r 12:11 PM The Real Kids “Better Be Good” from The Real Kids 1977 on Red Star Records 12:16 PM The Bosstones “Moptity-Mope” from Moptity-Mope b/w Wings Of An Angel 1959 on Boss Records 12:17 PM The Little Killers “Been So Long” from A Real Good One 2006 on Gern Blandsten Records 12:23 PM Memes “The Perfect Storm” from Memes – EP 2020 on Fierce Panda Records 12:24 PM KXSF UW “Rainbow Grocery Cooperative” 12:26 PM Billy Carter “Don’t Push Me To Love My Enemy” from Don’t Push Me 2020 on Electric Muse 12:29 PM The Cavemen “Euthanize Me” from Euthanize Me 2020 on Slovenly Records 12:30 PM The Myrmidons “Christine” from Our Voltage Vol. 2 2020 on Girlsville 12:33 PM R.AGGS “Hold On To Yr Head” from Tape 1 2020 on self-released 12:35 PM Cable Ties “Tell Them Where to Go” from Far Enough 2020 on Merge Records 12:43 PM Haircut “Honey Pot” from Cake – EP 2020 on 11 PM Records 12:44 PM Hekate “MMXX” from Μέρες Οργής (Days of Wrath) 2020 on La Vida Es Un Mus Discos 12:47 PM Science Man “Give The Ghost To Me” from Science Man II 2020 on Big Neck Records 12:49 PM exhalants “Expiration Date” from 529 East Atlanta 2020 on s/r 12:52 PM An Uneasy Peace “A Thousand Pretty Mannequins” from An Uneasy Peace 2020 on Dirt Cult Records 12:54 PM ISS “I Wanna Be Dated” from S/T EP 2018 on Sorry State 12:56 PM Johnny & The Rotten “Art Is Dead” from Down the Rabbit Hole 2019 on Stonefree 12:59 PM Kool and The Gang Bangers “My Brain Is F-ed Up” from Year Of The Kool Pt. 3 2020 on s/r 1:06 PM A Bunch of Jerks “Chad” from The Dead EP 2020 on Rum Bar records 1:07 PM Jackson Reid Briggs & the Heaters “In the Red” from In the Red (Lil Taty Remix) – Single 2020 on Grubby Publications 1:08 PM Quintron & Miss Pussycat “Goblin Alert” from Goblin Alert 2020 on Goner Records 1:12 PM The Lemon Drop Gang “Georgie” from I’m Not the One 2020 on Rum Bar Records 1:15 PM The Toms “Call the Surgeon, Pt. 2” from The 1979 Sessions 2020 on Songgram / Futureman RecordsTommy Marolda 1:17 PM Gingerbread Men “Happy Squirrel” from Witches House 2020 on Gull Records 1:21 PM The Chats “AC/DC CD” from AC/DC CD – Single 2020 on Cooking Vinyl Australia 1:25 PM KXSF UW “Charles Neal Selections” 1:27 PM Civic “Radiant Eye” from Radiant Eye – Single 2020 on Flightless Records 1:31 PM Fat Earthers “Like Like Like” from Like Like Like – Single 2020 on Prison Records 1:33 PM Los Culitos “De Manga Con Satan” from Un Año Sin Verte EP 2012 on Teosto 1:36 PM Bob Mould “Siberian Butterfly” from Blue Hearts 2020 on Merge Records R 1:38 PM Red Red Krovvy “Despise The Rich” from Managing 2020 on Helta Skelta Records 1:42 PM Izzy and the Black Trees “I Can’t Breathe” from I Can’t Breathe – Single 2020 on ACCESSPoland 1:46 PM Shuggerbite “Telephone Operator” from Yesterday’s Not Here 2020 on Not Murdered Records 1:48 PM Rebel Truce “The Man Inside” from The Lost Tapes EP 2020 on Green Recordings1981 1:51 PM The Dents “Sleeping Around” from WE WERE LIVING IN CINCINNATI 1975-82 2019 on Hozac1979 1:54 PM Itchy Kitty “Meet My Master” from Feargasm – EP 2020 on s/r 1:57 PM Na Noise “Sun Stone Air” from Waiting For You 2020 on s/r 2:01 PM KXSF UW “City Beer Store” 2:04 PM The Archaeas “Cosmic Unknown” from The Archaeas 2020 on Goner 2:06 PM The Mummies “Just One More Dance” from No Refunds 2011 on Pre-B.S. Records R 2:08 PM Super-X “TXL” from Super-X 2020 on Spoilsport Records 2:11 PM Mattiel “Guns of Brixton” from Double Cover – EP 2020 on Heavenly Recordings 2:13 PM Lou Reed & John Cale “Style It Takes” from Songs For Drella 1990 on Rhino/Warner Records 2:17 PM The Nettelles “I Don’t Want To Talk To You” from Do You Believe In The Nettelles 2020 on Back To Beat 2:19 PM The William Loveday Intention “My Love For You” from My Love For You – Single 2020 on Damaged Goods Records 2:28 PM Lamps “Horse Cow Goat Pig Dog” from People With Faces 2020 on In The Red Records 2:29 PM Illegal Visions “That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate” from South Bay Curse (The solo Lo-Fi Pandemic sessions ) 2020 on s/r 2:30 PM Scabz “Pressure” from Pressure – Single 2020 on SCABZ 2:33 PM Screamers “Punish Or Be Damned” from Screamers Demo Hollywood 1977 2021 on Superior Viaduct 2:38 PM Paranoias “Misled” from Napalm Springs 2020 on Helta Skelta Records 2:43 PM a/lpaca “24th A Day” from 24th A Day 2020 on Goodbye Boozy Records 2:44 PM Heavy Metal “Motorbike” from LP 5 2020 on s/r 2:46 PM Brandy “(Wish You Was) Madball Baby” from The Gift Of Repetition 2020 on Total PunkThe song of 2020! 2:49 PM Shot Balowski “Morrissey’s Over” from Eton’s Burning – Single 2020 on Independent 2:52 PM Bipolar “Depression” from Bipolar – EP 2020 on Slovenly 2:57 PM Warsaw “Inside the Line” from Warsaw 2007 on Vinyl Passion1977


  1. Bill Cooper

    Carolyn, I love your show and am interested in your recently announced t-shirt. You mentioned something about bandcamp, but I didn’t catch the link. Can you please help me find out how to get a shirt? Thanks. Bill

  2. Hi Bill.
    Thanks! My t-shirt is available at

  3. Jereme

    Carolyn, I use to listen to your show on KUSF religiously. You have always played the best set on radio, hands down! My friend back in SF recently told me I could listen to you here and I’m so happy. It brings back so many great memories to hear your voice and your music. Thanks for what you do.

    Listening in Denver

  4. Hi Jereme.
    Thanks for the kind words and rediscovering my radio show. Extra thanks to your friend for letting you know that I am still doing this!
    I appreciate it.