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Carolyn on KXSF 102.5fm San Francisco Community Radio OCTOBER 5th, 2021

Carolyn on KXSF 102.5fm San Francisco Community Radio October 19, 2021
Punk, garage and trash coolness with Carolyn

Au Pairs. Released: 1981
Gang of Four. Released: 1979
Babeez. Released: 1977
The Mummies. Released: 1992
The Mummies. Released: 2003
The Gories. Released: 1989
The Gories. Released: 1990
Martin Savage Gang N. Released: 2021
The Monsters N. Released: 2021
The Outsiders. Released: 1967
Civic N. Released: 2021
Dead Finks N. Released: 2021
Guardian Singles N. Released: 2021
Tracks N. Released: 2021
The Nurse N. Released: 2021
The Freakees N. Released: 2021
Robodebt N. Released: 2021
The Mary Veils N. Released: 2021
Quintron & Miss Pussycat N. Released: 2020
Rubber Blanket. Released: 2020
Billiam N. Released: 2021
Bust N. Released: 2021
Drug Church. Released: 2021
Eddie Mooney & The Grave N. Released: 2020
Candy Highway N. Released: 2021
CVCC N. Released: 2021
Imagine Leeches N. Released: 2021
of Tropique N. Released: 2021
Louda y Los Bad Hombres N. Released: 2021
Hearts and Rockets N. Released: 2021
No Artist N. Released: 2021
Beex N. Released: 2021
Basking Sharks. Released: 2020
The Zack Static Sect N. Released: 2021
The Control Freaks N. Released: 2021
Dicklord N. Released: 2021
Sniff N. Released: 2021
The Missile Studs N. Released: 2021
Smirk N. Released: 2021
The Scientists N. Released: 2021
Divine Horsemen N. Released: 2021
The Pop Rivets. Released: 2004
CTMF N. Released: 2021
Alien Nosejob N. Released: 2021
Michael Beach N. Released: 2021
The Embarrassment. Released: 2001
Pop-O-Pies. Released: 1981
Rebel Truce. Released: 2020
Power Supply N. Released: 2021
Enola Gay N. Released: 2021
Negativland N. Released: 2021
The Prisoners N. Released: 2021
Ty Segall N. Released: 2021
Get Smart!. Released: 2020
Total Hell N. Released: 2021

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  1. Bill Cooper

    Carolyn, I love your show and am interested in your recently announced t-shirt. You mentioned something about bandcamp, but I didn’t catch the link. Can you please help me find out how to get a shirt? Thanks. Bill

  2. Hi Bill.
    Thanks! My t-shirt is available at

  3. Jereme

    Carolyn, I use to listen to your show on KUSF religiously. You have always played the best set on radio, hands down! My friend back in SF recently told me I could listen to you here and I’m so happy. It brings back so many great memories to hear your voice and your music. Thanks for what you do.

    Listening in Denver

  4. Hi Jereme.
    Thanks for the kind words and rediscovering my radio show. Extra thanks to your friend for letting you know that I am still doing this!
    I appreciate it.

  5. Brian

    Hey Carolyn,

    Great show! A few months back you played a couple Silicon Heartbeat songs off the Earth Static e.p. & there’s going to be a couple 7″ out later this year & was wondering if you’d want a few songs to play prior to their release to help promote them or whatever. If so, shoot me an email & if not just keep doing what you do. Good stuff!

  6. Carolyn

    Hi Brian.
    Thanks for listening. I appreciate it.
    Yes! I would like to hear some new Silicon Heartbeat songs. Please email me at

  7. Deb Danger

    Carolyn are the best DJ and awesome human! xoxo

  8. Carolyn Keddy

    You are too sweet Deb! You are an awesome human too! Thank you for listening!