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Written by on May 22, 2020


History, small business, reality TV, cancelled plans, science, touring, politics, Oh yeah – and music!  No conversational stone goes unreturned as Chuck Prophet joins me as guest artist in advance of the release of his new LP “The Land That Time Forgot.”  Plus a tons of great new tunes.

Take a break from isolation and enter the vibey, genre-defying world of The Seshen, the six-piece Bay area band whose third LP, “Cyan” dropped on February 28th.  We’ll dive deep into the LP and chat with frontwoman/lyricist Lalin St. Juste and bassist/producer Aki Ehara about the band’s album release show (one of the last gigs at Rickshaw Stop before the COVID closures), and the inspiration behind the project.   PLUS tons of brand new music from around the world and the Bay.

What does the future of live music look like in San Francisco?  On this episode, we do some crystal balling with general manager of The Chapel Fred Barnes, Noisepop CEO/Founder Kevin Arnold and artist Chloe Studebaker (aka Zelma Stone) to get their perspectives on what shows and gigs might look like in the coming months and years — and what each is doing NOW to stay afloat financially. Plus classic “recorded live in San Francisco” tracks AND a whole first hour of brand new music.

Influential Oakland funk/soul/blues/hiphop legend Kofy Brown is the guest artist on this edition of West of Twin Peaks Radio.  We chat live with Kofy about the providence and personal introspection of her new LP “Child of Providence.”  We dive deep into the groove of the LP, and talk and how she’s letting go and letting the universe guide her during COVID times. PLUS loads of brand new tunes.

In this Stay-at-Home edition of West of Twin Peaks Radio, a chat and a deep dive into the music of an immensely talented young emerging artist, Satya of Oakland.  Plus a wide range of brand new music including from oldsters like Dylan and the Stones, as well as a new live track from Prince.

On this Stay-at-Home episode of West of Twin Peaks Radio, meet Handsome Hound, a Bay area based trio pivoting in the wake of the Coronavirus crisis as they gear up to release their new LP in a post-COVID world.  PLUS tons of new tunes.

In yet another Stay at Home edition of West of Twin Peaks Radio, emerging Oakland project GIRL SWALLOWS NIGHTINGALE is my guest artist.  Lead vocalist and founder Marica Petrey joins me for a chat and a deep dive into the experimental pop/rock group’s debut LP “Shapeshifter.”  PLUS tons of new tunes including a special Quarantine segment featuring artists creating from home.

In another Stay at Home edition of West of Twin Peaks Radio, Oakland indie artist Emily Afton joins MJ via FaceTime to chat about the release of her new LP “Consideration” right as the virus crisis was ramping up.  We dive deep into the album, and chat about  how productive Emily’s been at the business of being an artist (MERCH STORE!).  Plus loads of new music – many brand new old-school rock & roll and blues tunes.

In this Sheltering in Place edition of West of Twin Peaks Radio, a ton of brand new music PLUS three conversations via FaceTime: 1) Victoria Boyington & Maayan of California Women’s Music talk about a new relief fund their organization is starting to help female musicians in California survive the Coronacrisis, 2) Michele Kappel of The Lost Church San Francisco chats about the impact on venues and 3) San Francisco singer/songwriter Rachel Garlin talks about her new LP “Mondegreens,” what it’s like sheltering in place with three young children, AND we play world premiere music off the new LP.

   When the Marin County-based band PARDON THE INTERRUPTION named their group, they couldn’t have foreseen the amplified meaning that name has taken on in the time of Corona.  Their energetic and upbeat blend of funk, rock, soul, reggae and the blues is just what the doctor ordered for these times.  On this episode of WOTPRadio, I’ll chat with the band (from a safe six-foot distance) and they’ll play a live set.   Plus, tons of genre-blending brand new music.

On this episode of WOTP Radio, San Francisco guitarist and garage rock pillar Luke Sweeney is live in studio to talk about how life circumstances colors music, whether you are a composer, musician or even just a listener.  Plus Luke plays three acoustic songs off his 2019 LP “Peace Meal.”  That, as well as a full hour of brand new music from artists ranging from Lauren Ruth Ward, Onipa, Pearl Jam, Gorillaz and Car Seat Headrest.

On the even of International Women’s Day — this episode of WOTPRadio celebrates women in music by playing an entire hour of brand new music from mostly emerging female artists and bands.  We also chat live in studio with SF singer/songwriter and activist Maayan  – not only about her new music, but also about the on-going struggle faced by women in the music biz, and her role in the California Women in Music non-profit and its work getting women equity in the music industry.  PLUS Maayan plays two unreleased acoustic songs off an upcoming LP!

Internet gremlins were NOT able to sabotage all of this  “shortened” episode of WOTPRadio, a lot of which was “saved” including most of an interview and live acoustic set featuring unreleased songs and an interview with breaking SF singer/songwriter Zelma Stone (aka Chloe Studebaker) LIVE in studio.  Plus, Stone Foxes frontman Shannon Koehler live from the road, and tons of great new music.  Please ignore the “artifacts” left by the gremlins.

On this episode of WOTP Radio, Northern California singer/songwriter Ismay is live in-studio to chat about their incredibly introspective debut LP about identity, nature and finding self in the Sonoma mountains.  They also perform three acoustic songs from the new LP “Songs of Sonoma Mountain.”  Plus tons of brand new tunes from Billie Eilish to Lucinda Williams and everything in-between.

On this Valentine’s Day episode of WOTPRadio, a sweet and sour mix of love, heartache and heartbreak….ALL brand new music.  Plus, a real treat from my in-studio guests, Maia and Susanna of Sour Widows, who chat with me about the importance of repping queers and women on stages in the Bay Area and across the country, PLUS they play two acoustic tunes you WON’T find on streaming services!

On this episode, legendary guitar master Bill Orcutt visits the studio to talk about his music’s progression from avant-garde noise and punk back to folk and the blues, why San Francisco is the perfect home for a self-professed nerd, and what he and Billie Eilish have in common.    Plus, he improvises three solo pieces live!  That, plus an hour of brand new genre-blending music.

On this episode of WOTP Radio, California country-soul band The Well Known Strangers are live in studio to chat about how six people from varied backgrounds find the time to make music together, and why the band epitomizes the trend in music today of cross collaborations and genre-blended.  Plus they perform three acoustic songs, two of which are world radio premieres!  That, and tons of brand new genre-crossing tunes.

On the eve of Women’s March 2020, this episode features primarily (but not exclusively) up-and-coming kick ass female artists, including LIVE in-studio guest singer/songwriter ZOLA, who plays an acoustic mini-set off her upcoming debut LP and chats about growing up in San Francisco, and how important networking is for a rising solo artist.

On this episode, jazz, classical and contemporary violinist extraordinaire Justin Ouellet is live in studio to talk about the pervasive influence of jazz in modern music, his inspiration in pursuing jazz violin as a career, and collaborating with dozens of Bay Area artists spanning genres.  PLUS a live set accompanied by guitarist Patrick Anseth.  That, and loads of new tunes.  Don’t sleep on this one!

On this first 2020 episode of WOTP, emerging San Francisco artist Ezra Teshome is live in studio playing an acoustic set from his debut EP “Us Underwater.”  Born in SoCal, moved to Ethiopia, then North Carolina, then San Francisco — Teshome explains how his sound is informed by all those places and experiences.  Plus, tons of brand new tunes from artists spanning the genre rainbow.

On this episode, SF-based band Pure Hex is live in studio to play an acoustic music set off their new EP, and chat about the big role chemistry played in finding their sound, and the exciting touring plans they have for 2020.  Plus, tons of new band new tunes from artists known and unknown.

On this episode, two singer/songwriters from opposite ends of the state collaborate to form the project known as Juan Wayne.  San Francisco’s Andrew St. James & LA’s Cesar Maria join me live in studio for a chat about the inspiration they get from working with one another, and how it informs their solo work. Plus – their live acoustic performance and of course, tons of great new music.

On this post-Thanksgiving episode, sax player Johnny Bones from the Bay area-based California Honeydrops calls in to chat about the band’s longevity and international fan base. Plus Dan and Viv from San Francisco jangly psych band Locus Pocus drop by to share some pecan pie, talk about some changes to the band’s line-up, and about the new music they’re working on.  PLUS loads of new music from across genres and around the world.

On this episode, San Francisco native singer/songwriter Andrew St. James shares some  live acoustic music and talks about his unusual “origin story,” where his songwriting inspiration comes from, and why building a “community” within the city is a key to surviving as an artist in San Francisco. PLUS, a live interview and brand new music from  emerging desert-infused indie band The Adobe Collective as they road-trip it up to the Bay Area for some live shows.  All that AND a ton of new tunes!

On this episode, even a power outage doesn’t phase San Francisco rockers Warren Teagarden and The Good Grief, who perform a live acoustic set in the studio and chat about how many years it’s taken them to be “the next Bay Area break-out band of 2019.”  You’ll LOVE the music from their new LP, “Modern Drugs,” and the different texture of acoustic vs LP versions.  Plus, loads of new music from Hazel English to Neil Young and Kim Gordon.

On this episode of WOTPRadio, the emerging SF-based band Keepers of Humanity drops by to play an acoustic set from their brand new LP “Freedom in the Chaos,” and talk about their upcoming gig at the Bottom of the Hill and how a competitive classic pianist ends up fronting a indie band. All that, plus music from breaking artists including Aubrie Sellers, Songhoy Blues, Grace Cummings and lots more.


On this episode of WOTPRadio, Kyle DeMartini of San Francisco band Down Dirty Shake joins me in the studio to play a little acoustic music, and chat about the band’s humble beginnings in high school, and why they’re still together 20 years later.   Plus, loads of new music from Courtney Barnett to Coldplay, Miss June to HAIM.

On this episode of WOTP Radio, singer-songerwriter Claire George and The Stone Foxes founder/drummer Shannon Koehler both drop by the studio to play brand new music and chat with MJ. And Lindsay Olsen of Salami Rose Joe Louis calls in to talk about her international tour and new music. Plus loads of tunes. This show rocks!
On this episode of WOTP Radio, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass founding family member Mick Hellman joins me for a live conversation as the three-day free festival gets going at Golden Gate Park.  We’ll talk about its history, its future and changes at the festival this year.  PLUS, HSB curator Chris Porter also joins me in for a live conversation about all the great bands featured this year at the festival.  AND OF COURSE, tons of music from dozens of artists playing this year.
On this episode of West of Twin Peaks Radio, we root around in the Psychedelic garage and talk with The Spiral Electric’s Clay Andrews and Silent Pictures’ Alexander Mann about the Holiday on the Moon Festival this weekend in Oakland, featuring 20 mostly local bands. We also talk about how psychedelic music has survived the decades and how it’s infiltrating all sorts of music genres today. PLUS, loads of new music!
On this podcast of West of Twin Peaks Radio, live in studio Bay Area singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Casey Wickstrom  plays an acoustic mini set and shares his incredible story of a life-threatening car crash, an opioid addiction, recovery and redemption.  Plus loads of brand new music.  Don’t miss this one.


On this episode of West of Twin Peaks Radio, MJ chats live with London spoken word sensation Kate Tempest about how legendary producer Rick Rubin helped bring her poetry and music to U.S. audiences, as she prepares for a US tour that includes San Francisco’s Fillmore on September 25th.  AND MJ also talks live with Taylor Vick of the Oakland-based project Boy Scouts – and how it was she landed a big 26-date US tour tour supporting Jay Som and why she recorded her latest LP in a rented shipping container.


On this episode of West of Twin Peaks Radio, San Francisco indie band Bear Call comes out of hibernation to visit KXSF and play a live acoustic set of music off their upcoming LP “Fancy Acid,” and talk about how the band has morphed sonically since their first album.  Plus, brand new tunes from Henry Chadwick, Jay Som, Bodega, Lana Del Rey and much more.

 West of Twin Peaks radio, Friday, 8/30/19,  hosts Muzi, South African- dj/producer hot off the Afropunk Brooklyn festival and first time touring the US, hearing from his acclaimed ‘Afrovision’ and new ‘Stimela Segolide’ releases and bringing KXSF some new worldwide radio exclusives !… talking about the roots and future of his hybrid dance music, combining Afro-house, hip-hop/kwaito and incorporating old SA genres like mbaqanga, linking South African history to the Afrofuturist utopia.  TUNE_IN

A year ago, singer/songwriter & Wax Idols front woman Hether Fortune abruptly cancelled a world tour and announced an indefinite “hiatus,” exhausted from touring and being the creative and business force behind the band.  Hether is in-studio talking about the three singles she’s released as a solo artist, how the split saved her emotionally and physically, and what’s in her creative future (Spoiler Alert – she’s doing a radio show on KXSF!)  Also, brand new music from numerous emerging female artists whose voices are part of the dominant sound of Fall 2019.


 A jam-packed episode featuring an Outside Lands 2019 preview with a focus on Bay Area bands on the bill, a live interview about the marijuana milestone the festival is making this weekend, PLUS in-studio emerging SF duo Baybs including a live acoustic performance and a chat about the challenges of breaking through in the streaming era. 

More Fatter is a Bay area band known for spirited funk/fusion, sassy horns, and a sense of humor in their music that just makes you feel good.  They join MJ in the studio. to play a stripped-down set live, chat about their new music, their mission to inspire, and how it’s a plus NOT to fit neatly into one genre.  Plus, loads of new music from artists including Inhaler, HAIM, Angel Olsen, Chance the Rapper, Blood Orange and Sheer Mag.

MJ welcomes Santa Cruz’s Henry Chadwick into the studio for a live interview and acoustic performance including his new single “Awake,” which mixes 90’s grunge with psych-pop and is getting critical notice. Labeled a “breakout success” in 2016 by Rolling Stone and Time magazines, Henry talks about how the national attention impacted him and his music. Plus loads of new tunes from all across the genre spectrum.


San Francisco’s Lofi Legs joins MJ live in studio to premiere brand new music off their debut LP LAMB, chat about their upcoming west coast tour, and how three homeschooled kids in San Francisco met to make music. Plus, tons of fresh tracks from across the world and across genres.

Oakland-based singer/songwriter Madeline Kenney is MJ’s guest in the studio, to play a live set and chat about her big gig this weekend opening for international indie darling Mitski at the Stern Grove Festival. Madeline talks about nerves, musical inspiration, and all the other “jobs” she continues doing to say sane and solvent. Plus, loads of brand new music, heavy on the RnB this week.
When life gave Oakland experimental indie artist Waterstrider (aka Nathan Salman) a whole bowl full of lemons in recent years, he turned it into sonic lemonade in the form of a new EP called “The Way Out.” In this episode, Waterstrider is live in studio to chat with MJ and give a lovely stripped down performance of his new music.

Singers, songwriters and song craft are the focus of this episode of West of Twin Peaks Radio, as MJ chats with Mariee Sioux, an artist from Nevada City in Gold Country.  Her new LP, Grief in Exile, takes you on a sonic spiritual journey driven by her diverse DNA and unique perspective.  Plus, fresh tracks from artists across all genres proving that solid songwriting in this technological age is not only alive and well, but thriving.


On this WOTP Radio, meet emerging Easy Bay synth-pop band Panoram, who are releasing their debut LP on June 20th.  You’ll hear a marvelous live acoustic performance of music from their new LP, plus hear the story of how such a young band is making such mature, polished music.  Also, Audrey Faine, Marketing Director of the Stern Grove Festival Organization previews this year’s stellar season and why this wonderful 10-week festival is not only so San Francisco, but so FREE as well.  Plus, tons of new music!

In a city that attracts artists from all over the world, Lisa Azzolino is that rare bird known as a San Francisco native.  In this episode of WOTP, Lisa peforms a live acoustic set of brand new music, plus explains how a theater role she landed inspired her to become a singer/songwriter.  Plus, the NoisePop Team chats about the June 15th 10-band FREE Phono Del Sol Festival in the Mission.  That, and lots of brand new music.

SF indie-pop band The Y Axes join MJ live in studio for an an acoustic set and to chat about the release of their new LP “No Waves,” as well as talk about what kind of attitude it takes to survive as a band in San Francisco these days.  That, plus loads of brand new music and a Backseat Warriors chat with Chooch.


What do you get when you fuse the Bay Area’s psychedelic sound with the culture of the Caribbean coast of Colombia?  You get Bicicletas Por La Paz, the Oakland-based Latin Circus Funk band.   Friday morning on West of Twin Peaks Radio, MJ welcomes Bicicletas founder Adley Penner to the studio for a chat, and to play music from their new LP, “Surfeando un Cometa.” Find out how in the world they came together to create such an energetic sound, and if they are staying true to their mission of bicycling to every gig.  West of Twin Peaks Radio starts at 10am Friday on live, local, REAL radio, KXSF, 102.5 FM, San Francisco.



This episode of WOTPRadio is LIVE and LOCAL with the dreamy garage sound of SF-based band Zelma Stone.  Front-woman Chloe Zelma Studebaker joins MJ in the studio for a chat and for a live solo performance of some brand new music as the band prepares for its first-ever tour of California.    Plus, tons of great new music from Body Type, Nice Biscuit – and everything in between. Don’t miss this one!




MJ’s live guest is blues guitar powerhouse Shane Dwight, who may sound like he’s from the Mississippi Delta, but actually hails from ranch country in Morgan Hill, California. His new LP, “No One Loves Me Better,” tells a familiar story of heartbreak and redemption – but it’s his real life back story about a crippling diagnosis as a boy and chronic pain that gives his blues an edge. We talk about that, writing music on the road, and what his favorite In n Out meal is. PLUS, brand new music, and a new segment called Backseat Warriors with KXSF sports talk pioneer Chooch. It’s a keeper!




Vibe out on this episode with Oakland quintet Bells Atlas. They’ve been described as beguiling, bouyant, futuristic, vibe-y glistening and irredescent. Bells Atlas is all that and more. In the 2nd hour MJ chats live in studio with Bells Atlas about their brand new sophomore LP, “the mystic,” their upcoming US tour and why they think “psych soul” is an apt description of their music. Plus LOADS of brand new music and tracks from local bands playing local gigs. (Exp 05-10-19)




Vibe-y psych rock is the mood on this episode of West of Twin Peaks Radio, as MJ welcomes two members of San Francisco band The Spiral Electric into the studio for a chat. Clay and Matias talk about the band’s 14-cut sprawling self-titled LP, and discuss the inspirations and incidents behind the music. It’s melodic, it’s face-melting, it’s moody and it’s a trip. Don’t miss it. Plus, brand new music from emerging artists like Grace Ives and Ambar Lucid, and old favs like Beck and Courtney Barnett. (Exp 05-04-19)





In this episode, San Francisco singer/songwriter Bob Hillman drops by the studio for a live chat and acoustic performance of songs off his brand new LP, “Some of Us Are Free, Some of Us are Lost.” Bob talks about how his stint as a corporate marketer has helped him navigate the world of social media promotion for his new material, and how his songwriting has changed over the decades. Plus, loads of brand new music, and a phone interview with San Francisco’s Micropixie about her new project “Dark Sight of the Moon.” Don’t miss this one!







Travel the world, work with musical greats, push your artistic envelop….livin’ the dream, right? It may sound fabulous, but what gets left behind? That’s the theme jazz vocalist and pianist Sarah McKenzie explores in her new LP “Secrets of My Heart.” Sarah joins MJ LIVE in studio in this episode to chat, play some of her new music, and explain how she’s juggling being on the road, recording, and carving her own niche – her way – in the jazz community. Plus, an hour of brand new jazzed infused music from across all sorts of genres, and a rocking’ local-bands-playing-local-gigs segment.







On this episode of WOTP, a wonderful chat with Terra Lopez, the captivating front woman of dark wave electronica group Rituals of Mine. Originally from Sacramento, the group signed with a major label two years ago, a move that changed their lives and put them in the fast lane. Listen to her story and her music. PLUS, loads of brand new music and local music – what a time to be alive!







West Of Twin Peaks Radio. Recorded live on March 22nd of 2019 for KXSF 102.5fm. (3-27-19)

The highlight of this episode WOTP Radio is an in-studio visit by emerging Hip Hop artist MaHaWaM. This Oakland-based producer/artist is a major rarity in hip hop music: an Out, Queer African American living with HIV. Besides having a great sound and sense of lyric and poetry, MaHaWaM is brutally honest about living with HIV, and talks about why it was important for him to address the subject in his debut EP, coming out in a week. Also in this episode, tons of great new music, and my local bands playing local gigs segment.








West Of Twin Peaks Radio. Recorded live on March 1st of 2019 for KXSF 102.5fm.

Radiobob takes the wheel West of Twin Peaks, with progressive reggae band ‘New Kingston‘ in interview & a new single dropping today, further down the road with some dangerous dub,  slippery cumbia curves, buckle up: … more newness from Black Uhuru, Bob Mould, the Specials, the Sleaford Mods,  a snow and strike update, and tickets.  come along for the ride …






West Of Twin Peaks Radio. Recorded live on February 22nd of 2019 for KXSF 102.5fm.

New, local and live!  This episode of West of Twin Peaks Radio has it all!  In the second hour, San Francisco singer-songwriter Travis Hayes joins me live in studio to play live acoustic music from his brand new LP “Sleepless” and chat about the incident that inspired this introspective project about  grief, hope and new beginnings. Also, music from local bands playing local gigs at Noise Pop Festival And in the first hour, brand spankin’ new music that will rock you, soothe you, amuse you and have you wanting more.






West Of Twin Peaks Radio. Recorded live on February 15 of 2019 for KXSF 102.5fm.

A sweet treat for you on this episode of WOTP. Meet the San Francisco rock/funk band “Sweet Plot.” Their brand new LP “Wall of Eyes” just dropped, and we chat with frontman Cole Kromer about how the band started, their new music, and growing up in SF. Plus, an hour of brand new music, a chat with Coop in the stormy Sierra, and music from local bands playing local gigs.






West Of Twin Peaks Radio. Recorded live on February 8 of 2019 for KXSF 102.5fm.

Cold enough for you?  This show will warm your hearts and get you in the mood for Valentines Day.  I’ve got a live interview with half of a San Francisco couple who met at a rock show while playing in different bands – fell in love – formed their own band – got married – made a record – and are headlining Valentine’s Day night at a local venue.  They call themselves Love Jerks, and they’ve merged their dream-pop-glam-rock music with their love story. Also, Coop calls in from in Sierra and chats about the recent series of storms – plus an hour of brand new music from all sorts of genres, and my local bands playing local gigs segment.





West Of Twin Peaks Radio. Recorded live on February 1st of 2019 for KXSF 102.5fm.

On this edition of West of Twin Peaks Radio in my second hour, I spotlight local Pacifica band Lofi Satellites, which just dropped their debut, self-titled EP. You’ll hear 3 tracks off the new EP, and a little more background on the band. You’ll also hear tons of fresh new music and local music spanning genres, that you won’t find anywhere else on your radio dial OR your streaming service. Community Radio at its finest!

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