The Barn Dance.

Wednesdays 10-Midnight

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Country & western, folk, bluegrass and more.

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The Barn Dance Wednesdays 10 to Midnighthosted by Rusty Blades, Wrong Side Of The Road Joe, The Hankster & Shelby Ash

The 4 Barndance hosts are ethnomusicologists who spotlight the historical interrelation of American roots music: authentic country & western, folk, folk-blues, western swing, bluegrass, field hollers, mountain music, rockabilly & various rural recordings to bring the listener a greater understanding of these uniquely American art forms. In addition to thoughtful selection of seminal examples of these genres, the Barndance educates the audience about historical significance, narrative deconstruction, root influences & specific artist participation in the context of learning about the music & how it impacts other musicians & the culture at large.

Uncle Hank, Big Creepy Hoss, Six-shootin’ Shelby & Li’l Joe keep the steers in line, while horsin’ around the back 40, bringing smiles to the pretty ladies, kindly kin-folk, thinning the herd, herding the thin, saddlin’ up the Palomino, closin’ up the barn door before ridin’ out on the range into the sunset. Vittles are on the fire & the sarsaparilla not-nearly as cold as the beer, nor as effective as the Whiskey! Let’s rope up some good times, prairie dawgs!

First Tuesday: The Ozark Hillbilly
Second Tuesday: Rusty Blades
Third Tuesday: Uncle Hank
Forth Tuesday: Wrong Side Of the Road Joe

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