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Written by on May 22, 2020

Like clockwork, here it comes again: that nutty JUGGERNAUT that just won’t stop: OFF THE HOOK, the Show That Shows, mystifying and delighting you once again! * This week we’ll have our Special Tribute to lead singer of British (no-hits-in-the-U.S.) band The Pretty Things, PHIL MAY (R.I.P.)! * And, in addition to our regular Birthday Segment, this week’s New Songs may ruffle your feathers with features that could rumble in your future, including Public Service songs! * To find out what the hell I’m talking about, tune in at 1:00 to OFF THE Hook on KXSF 102.5FM and/or on the “web”:

Good golly, Miss Molly! * OF COURSE we’re covering the career of the flashiest, screamingest, piano-poundingest entertainer of all-time: the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll, LITTLE RICHARD (R.I.P.) on today’s OFF THE HOOK! * But, that’s not all, of course! * We’ll also have a listen to the week’s LATEST TRACKS and I think you’ll approve! * Throw in some Birthday Magic and there you have it: an OFF THE HOOK unlike any other, but maintaining the variety and QUALITY you’ve come to expect! * It’s OFF THE HOOK at 1:00 on KXSF 102.5FM and “on the web” here:

OFF THE HOOK listeners are a fussy bunch! * DISCERNING to a fault, they settle for no less than the most INTRIGUING and cutting-edge new music! * Yet, they have a DEEP RESPECT for the past and appreciate Tributes to musical artists who have left this mortal coil! * Artists like FLORIAN SCHNEIDER (R.I.P.), DAVE GREENFIELD (R.I.P.) and MILLIE SMALL (R.I.P.)! * (Off The Hook listeners are so hip, I don’t even have to mention their associations) * Too, OFF THE HOOK listeners are CARING! Caring enough to wish their favorite artists a Happy Birthday every week! * This RARE BREED, the OFF THE HOOK listener, can be found nestled next to their radio or computer, tuned into KXSF 102.5FM (or at ) every Friday at 1:00, so don’t be ringing them on the phone!


Gage is in the shower and can’t come to the Facebook right now, but that’s not the real reason he’s having me write this and not doing it himself. It’s because he’s exhausted from pouring his all into today’s Off The Hook show and can’t come up with his usual fancy wordplay and stupid puns. He told me to say the show will be all current music except for the birthday part. No themes, not even May Day. How tiring can a show like that be to put together? Oh well, it’s usually good. It’s on KXSF at 1:00. FM 102.5 and
-his friend, Flappy


While OFF THE HOOK’s programming has long been described as INFECTIOUS, in these times we like to think of it as a VACCINE, your INOCULATION against the Blues! * To that end, today we present a program to have you boogieing and choogling, happily sequestered in your home, to astonishing new music from around the world! * We will also pay Tribute to Legendary free jazz double bassist HENRY GRIMES (R.I.P.) and former Soft Boys electric bass guitarist MATTHEW SELIGMAN (R.I.P.)! * So INJECT some musical ANTIBODIES into your afternoon with OFF THE HOOK! * To its healing properties you will not be IMMUNE! * CATCH IT at 1:00 on KXSF FM 102.5 /


Although our current situation may be beginning to WEAR on us, we can’t MASK the fact that we’re all in this together and must work together, but apart. * OFF THE HOOK, your best friend, the Show That Shows, understands this and, while near, vows to keep a SAFE DISTANCE from you, beloved listener. * With healing and inspiring music, singing and dancing, we will maintain our spirits and fortify our resolve to see this crisis through! * And, once over, when it all comes out in the WASH, we’ll be able join HANDS and say Yes, I listened to and done what that guy on the radio said and I am stronger, carefuller, and heard some good jams! * OFF THE HOOK at 1:00 on KXSF 102.5 FM /


ABSTENTION is not a word in the OFF THE HOOK vocabulary, so prepare to FEAST today, because your humble DJ, Gage Kenady, is coming in LOADED with new music and a special Tribute to record producer HAL WILLNER (R.I.P.), creator of expectation-bending and genre-blending Tribute albums celebrating great composers. * It’ll be a Tribute to the King of Tributes! * Birthday celebrations are in the mix as well! * So, in short, you’ll WANT for nothing on today’s Three Hours’ Agony (except maybe toilet paper)! * It’s going to be a good Friday starting at 1:00 on KXSF 102.5FM /


It’s all about CONTAINMENT and you’ll barely be able to contain yourself when you hear Today’s OFF THE HOOK program! (but do) * In addition to NEW SONGS (and thankfully there are still many!), we will hear loving Tributes to Fountains Of Wayne / Ivyman ADAM SCHLESINGER (R.I.P.) and firebrand Polish composer of 20th Century New Music KRZYSZTOF PENDERECKI (R.I.P.) and a few mini-Tributes, as well! * So STAY PUT (seriously) and let music be the Healing Force as we hunker down together! * It all starts at 1:00 (ends at 4:00) on KXSF 102.5 FM //


Rated XX! * Yes, X marks the spot, chromosomally speaking, on Today’s OFF THE HOOK program as we present the final in our CREME DE LA FEMME series celebrating Women’s History Month! * Music by women all the live-long day (well, from 1:00-4:00PM), what a great idea! * We’ll be sad to see it go, but don’t get hysterical (or do. And guys, you are Xy, too) because OFF THE HOOK always provides loads of music by women, ladies and chicks! * X marks the spot: kXsf 102.5


You can shut down the city, you can shut down the world, but you can’t shut down KXSF! *(not yet)* Not while there’s news to be disbursed and music to be heard! * And you can’t shut down Women’s History Month! * Not on my watch! * And so we continue to redress the balance of male-dominated radio with the third in our CREME DE LA FEMME series, celebrating the music of women! * So get your radio ready-o for OFF THE HOOK at 1:00 on KXSF 102.5 FM as we attempt to preserve some Old Normal in our “New Normal”!


Celebrate the musical ARTISTRY of WOMEN on Today’s OFF THE HOOK as we charge headlong into the 2nd edition of our CREME DE LA FEMME series for Women’s History Month! * Women singers, composers and musicians will air, and not likely err! * You’ll THRILL to music from the feminine perspective, and we will refrain from using the ‘C’ Word! * Join us, do, on OFF THE HOOK at 1:00 on KXSF! 102.5 or


Today on OFF THE HOOK we are going to MARCH straight into WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH with the first in our CREME DE LA FEMME series celebrating Women musicians, singers, composers, producers and arrangers! * We’ll let a few guys in for our birthday celebrations, otherwise it will be ALL WOMEN ALL MONTH! * In our first installment we will take a listen to current history -the feminine Zeitgeist- with some brand new tracks and the best of Now! * A lot has happened since last March and history doesn’t stop! So hear it here first and maybe also grab yourself some Free Tickets on OFF THE HOOK at 1:00 on KXSF FM 102.5 / knowing smile on his face, Gage Kenady delights in bringing you the latest in interesting music (and, uh, sometimes just sounds) every week on OFF THE HOOK! * But what does he know? * He knows that you will be surprised by the treasures he unearths for you and thankful for his diligent commitment to sharing his unique perspective on a slippery zeitgeist or just plain curious sub rosa sound-smorgasbord, all in a welcoming (tho’ sometimes savagely sarcastic) mic-side manner! * This week he presents a Tribute to Mazzy Star/Opal/Rain Parade man David Roback (R.I.P.), Birthday Tributes, and FREE TICKETS! * You could do worse than to tune in to OFF THE HOOK at 1:00 on KXSF FM 102.5 /


NOT FOR EVERYBODY * How many times has he heard that, Gage Kenady, your DJ? * He doesn’t aim to be. * Nor does his show, OFF THE HOOK. * But, he would posit, there could be SOMETHING FOR ANYONE, and even POSSIBLY, he feels necessary to add, SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE! * Such is the care with which he endeavors to scan the farthest reaches of the musical universe (and everything on the way there) in order to present the BROADEST ARRAY of auditory selections that he does and you are! * CHECK IT OUT! * OFF THE HOOK at 1:00 on KXSF! 102.5FM //


A very special OFF THE HOOK today as we chat with Wilco guitarist NELS CLINE and Cibo Matto mainwoman YUKA C HONDA, together known as CUP! * They will talk about their new album SPINNING CREATURE ahead of their Sunday night performance at Swedish American Hall! * Chat happens at 3:00! * We will also investigate their rich creative histories as experimental improvisers, multi-media artists and just plain great music makers! * As if that weren’t enough, we will offer some tasty (and crazy) jazz, Birthday celebrations and free tickets! * Fun at 1:00: KXSF FM 102.5 //


A slap-happy HAPPENING that can’t be matched! * That’s your OFF THE HOOK! * Each week Gage Kenady brings the tunes that put a SPRING in your step! * A far-sighted musical panorama for the wide-eyed, appropriate for working, lounging or dining (sometimes dancing)! * So slough off that work load, kick back and feast on the slurpy sounds of OFF THE HOOK at 1:00 on KXSF 102.5 FM or


OFF THE HOOK provides your weekly dose of musical nourishment with songs that crack! * Today on OFF THE HOOK we will pay Tribute to Monty Python mainstay (and medieval history scholar) TERRY JONES (R.I.P.), as well as jazz saxophone legend JIMMY HEATH (R.I.P.)! * Plus we will have a bunch of good songs and Free Tickets for you! * Tune in at 1:00 for fun and thrills! * KXSF FM 102.5 //


BRRR, it’s cold! * Come warm yourself by the radio where OFF THE HOOK will present you with RADIANT tunes designed to SPARK your inner stovepipe (and hopefully ward off flu)! * We will also bask in the GLOW of the honey-hued timbres of Left Banke singer STEVE MARTIN CARO (R.I.P.) to whom we will pay tribute! * And we will bring HOT tracks from our Birthday celebrants, whose musical contributions have set our minds ABLAZE! * Phew, somebody turn that HEATER down! It’s getting STEAMY already! * 1:00PM * OFF THE HOOK * KXSF 102.5FM *


Here, fishy fishy fishy * Here, fishy fishy fishy * OFF THE HOOK * 1:00PM * KXSF 102.5 * Don’t let this one get away! *


As we embark upon a strange new decade, more than ever will we need music for solace and inspiration. * OFF THE HOOK has got your back! * For those of us who’ve been around longer than a blip, memories of WHAT WAS will be crucial! * Today on OFF THE HOOK memories will be shared as we welcome special guest Joshua Raoul Brody to reminisce about the music and vision of Bonzo Dog Band honcho, Monty Python collaborator and Rutles creator NEIL INNES (R.I.P.)! * We will also hear some Winter songs and have some birthday celebrations! * Our look back will commence at the future hour of 1:00PM on KXSF 102.5FM //


This week on a special four-hour OFF THE HOOK we present THE BEST MUSIC FROM THE BEST YEAR OF MUSIC ON THE BEST SHOW ON THE BEST RADIO STATION EVER! * Hey, a little hyperbole never hurt anyone! * But seriously, we will take a listen to the most INTERESTING / BEGUILING music of 2019, from the OFF THE HOOK perspective! * It’s sure to be CONTROVERSIAL and excellent water cooler fodder! * So get in on the action now so you can tell your grandkids later about this MOMENTOUS once-in-a-lifetime (or year) show! * What is “Best”? * The question will be posed starting at NOON on KXSF 102.5 FM //


“Neither rain nor FRIDAY THE 13TH nor et cetera shall stay the swift delivery of their appointed sounds” or something like that: it’s the DJ’s Creed. * And today on OFF THE HOOK, after we dispense with your SILLY SUPERSTITIONS with a set of Bad Luck Laments (hope it works!), we will deliver new song after new song in a mad-dash attempt to catch up in the run-up to the End of 2019! * Watch Gage tempt the Fates with his unscripted “witticisms” and complete lack of technical ability on this LEAST AUSPICIOUS of days! * (in other words, a typical Off The Hook) * 1:00PM * KXSF 102.5FM *


What’s on deck for OFF THE HOOK today, you ask? * Oh, just another radio show. * HAHAHAHAHA That’s a good one! * Why, even that steadfast fixture The Birthday Segment is wildly unpredictable! * Throw in a bunch of crazy sounds. “Is it music?” Who cares? * Remember: YOU CAN’T HATE IT IF YOU AIN’T HEARD IT! * The SHOCK of encountering an OLD FAVORITE you’d forgotten about is the ultimate CURVEBALL in the TOPSY-TURVY world of OFF THE HOOK! * And tickets! You can’t know what FREE TICKETS I’ll be offering! Or even if I will be! (I will). * So tune in at 1:00 for the crazy, topsy-turvy, I-don’t-know-what-the-hell-this-is-supposed-to-be listening experience of THE SHOW THAT SHOWS: OFF THE HOOK on KXSF 102.5FM /


Well, you’ve really done it this time, haven’t you? You just couldn’t resist. “Just one more helping”, the words echoing back to you on a feedback loop. * And now, as you lie supine on the floor, bloated and gasping, head pounding from all of the red wine you guzzled, you ask “Why?” and “How? How will I ever get back to ‘normal’?” * Well, as much as we feel you should pay for your gluttonous good times, we can’t bear to see a dumb animal suffer. * So, here we come to save the day. Again. * You stay put, tune in to OFF THE HOOK on KXSF 102.5FM at 1:00 and we’ll change the records for you. By 4:00 you’ll be up and bounding!


Each week you tune in to OFF THE HOOK for the HEARING of fascinating new sounds. * Well, I must TESTIFY that on today’s show you will WITNESS another in a series of PERFECT programs as we INVESTIGATE the latest happenings in music, and that’s no HOAX! * I understand that you are addicted to OFF THE HOOK and I would never WITHHOLD your weekly dose, but -and this is NO QUID PRO QUO- let’s just say you give me your listenership and you’ll get what you need! * If you’ve never listened to OFF THE HOOK before, give it a TRIAL! * Because your Host’s knowledge and taste is UNIMPEACHABLE, it would be CRIMINAL for you to not tune in at 1:00 on KXSF FM 102.5 /


Oh yeah, GOOD RADIO. You want to keep it going. * But, what is good radio? * Radio that informs, entertains, and inspires. This is OFF THE HOOK. ** FREE RADIO. It’s essential. * But, what is free radio? * Radio that gives you the choice to make up your own mind about what constitutes Good Programming by providing an alternative to corporate-sponsored, cookie-cutter radio. * This is OFF THE HOOK, where your caring, opinionated (and a little obnoxious) curator gives you license to CROSS THE LINE of “accepted musical norms” so that you may be allowed to find a musical world vast and alive. ** GOOD RADIO STATION. It’s our only hope. * But what is a good radio station? * It’s a station that provides diverse programming and employs (without pay) kooks like me to turn your mind inside-out! This is KXSF! * Tune in OFF THE HOOK on KXSF FM 102.5 ( at 1:00 and KEEP IT GOING!


Expanding your musical horizons, testing your patience, or just MESSING WITH YOUR HEAD? * However it pans out for you, OFF THE HOOK today focusses on the Exploratory, the Experimental, and the Electronic as we check out the latest LEFT-FIELD sounds from across the globe! * We will also be welcoming local percussionist / synthesist ANDRE CUSTODIO, for a little talky about his latest release as Divided State: ‘Spurious Emissions’ and a LIVE PERFORMANCE! * (The Birthday Segment will provide a grounded pause.) * So, let’s see what you’re made of -you may surprise yourself!- at 1:00 on KXSF 102.5FM /


You’ve got Night Of The Living Dead, then there’s Dawn Of The Dead, but DAY OF THE DEAD (Día de Muertos) is the real deal, folks! * Specifically ALL SAINTS DAY, today is the day when your departed loved ones come to hang and cavort with you! * And for them (and you) we will have a special Day Of The Dead music set on OFF THE HOOK! * But, our LONG-GONE PALS want to know WHAT’S HAPPENING on the music scene, so we’ll have plenty of NEW TRACKS for them (and you)! * Spirits can’t exist unless they were once born, so to celebrate the birth of FUTURE GHOSTS, we present The Birthday Segment (as we always do)! * It’s the whole life cycle today on OFF THE HOOK, so tune in to KXSF 102.5 at 1:00 and invite all of your DEAD FRIENDS! * or steam


MODERN AND ANCIENT collide today on OFF THE HOOK as we sit down for a performance by and chat with singer / songwriter / guitarist KENDRA AMALIE who is on tour in support of her new LP “Intuition” and performing tonight at The Lost Church in San Francisco and Sunday at Open Mind Music in Oakland! * It’s gonna be a GRABBER! * MODERN is a given on OFF THE HOOK as we always present the LATEST NEW SOUNDS, as we will today! * ANCIENT always comes into play as it is built into The Birthday Segment! * So join me for a BEAUTIFUL COLLISION today at 1:00 on KXSF 102.5 FM or


Why didn’t the fish return your call for dinner tonight? * Because it’s OFF THE HOOK! * But, Don’t Fret, because we’ve HOOKED some tasty specimens for an aural feast that’ll have you gawping like an Umbrella Mouth Gulper! * Along with our usual trophy-worthy Catch Of The Day, we’ll have our Birthday Celebrations for Libran musicians, of course. (We always aim for a good BALANCE of features and we’re not about to SCALE back now!) * So TUNA your radio to 102.5FM at 1:00 or CATCH the STREAM here:


KENADY BRINGS IT today on OFF THE HOOK! * Brings what? > Brings LIGHT to counter this Fall GLOOM! * By what means? > By way of NEW SOUNDS, tickets to NEW shows, NEW birthday celebrations of old musicians, AND a Special Tribute to Grateful Dead lyricist ROBERT HUNTER (R.I.P.)! * It will be laid before you at 1:00 on OFF THE HOOK! * It is up to you to PICK IT UP, here: / or at 102.5 FM KXSF!


Songs for friends, songs for the death of a car: that’s the way it rolls today on OFF THE HOOK! * But that’s just the beginning! * After that it’s NEW NEW NEW music on OFF THE HOOK! * And Birthday celebrations: some really good ones today! * Fun at 1:00 on KXSF 102.5 FM / Love your friends and don’t get stuck on the side of the road (and always remember your cell phone!)!


ALL BETS ARE OFF in an ALTERED STATE! * Swimming through “reality”, I know not WHAT WILL TRANSPIRE on today’s OFF THE HOOK! * Will the eddies created result in a new path, a foot bath, or merely a fool’s path? * Would it then be even discernible? * It may mean that I make no mistakes today! * At any rate, I’ve GOT YOU NOW. * OFF THE HOOK may never be more off the hook than today! * Tune in at 1:00: or on an actual radio at 102.5 FM // KXSF

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