Mawkish Twaddle Podcast (Saturday, May 23rd)

Written by on May 23, 2020

New sounds this week from Fleur, Flower, BIN, Orwell, Møtrik, LELEE, Woods, Ape, Kidbug, Barbagallo, Sorry3000, The Cudas, Miss Rayon, Deep Dyed, Coke Belda, The Suncharms, The Courettes, Odessey & Oracle, The Special Pillow, The Corner Laughers, Duncan Reid And The Big Heads, Webcam Teenz, Estranhos Românticos, Spirit Fest, Fun Time Objects, Wendy Miasma, The Reverberations, Darren Hayman, The New Existentialists, Las Margaritas, Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men, Tim Koh, Brigid Dawson And The Mothers Network, Thee Operators, Tim Presley, Euros Childs, Mike Polizze, The Resonars, and Tim Burgess.

From the past: Kennélmus, Jacqueline Hyde & The Moonfolk, Kayak, The Leo Bugariloves, Blumfeld, Virgin Prunes, and Super Furry Animals.


The *b*e*s*t* Twaddle ever (really) has new sounds from Parsnip, Sparks, PAINT, Omni, Dummy, RVG, Weak Signal, The Dears, The Nightingales, Le Villejuif Underground, Jetstream Pony, The Resonars, Darren Hayman, Estranhos Românticos, Spirit Fest, The Corner Laughers, Duncan Reid And The Big Heads, Slum Of Legs, Public Practice, Cavern Of Anti-Matter, Green/Blue, Dame Area, and The Magnetic Fields.

From the past: Picky Picnic, The Cake, Cibo Matto, Betty Wright, Keith Kessler, The Supremes, Komeda, The Stems, Velocette, Blondie, Bernard Smith & Jokers Wild, The Mike Curb Congregation, Saint Etienne, The Pretty Things, Val McKenna, Loveninjas, Joy Division, X Ray Pop, J.C. Satàn, and Ria Bartok.


Immensely! Pleasing! New! Sounds! The Spitfires, Beauty Pill, Pavid Vermin, The Speedways, Closing Eyes, Virginia Trance, Diners, The Orange Peels, Hooton Tennis Club, Edith Frost, BOAT, The Stroppies, Myrkur, Bikini Body, Melenas, Lavinia Blackwall, 你男友係碌葛 yourboyfriendsucks!, The Woolen Men,  Spirit Fest, The Resonars, Estranhos Românticos, Dummy, Bad Moves, The Corner Laughers, Bee Bee Sea, Happyness, Tagore with Boogarins, Tijuana Panthers, Centre Negative, Modern Studies, Wire, The Dears, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, and Sleaford Mods. It’s one of the best Twaddles ever!

From the past: Peter Noone, Little Richard, The Fall, Jill Jackson, Dancer, Wallace Collection, The Stranglers, Tigers On Vaseline, Spanky And Our Gang, Kraftwerk, and Darling.


Amazing new tracks from Woog Riots, The Resonars, Scott The Hoople, Cocktails, BOAT, Little Shrine, 208L Containers, Cléa Vincent, Savak, R.E. Seraphin, Diamond Hands, The Corner Laughers, Miss Chain & The Broken Heels, Wesley Gonzalez, The Cleaners From Venus, Slum Of Legs, Jon McKiel, The Catherines, RVG,  Wyldlife, Happyness, BC Camplight, Gentleman Jesse, The Telephone Numbers, Sunshine Boys, Orbis Max featuring Lisa Mychols, Girlatones, The Jack Cades, Deerhoof, Peter Hall, Doleful Lions, Caleb Landry Jones, Product Placement, and The Drain On The Balcony.

There was music in the beforetimes and some of it (no, not all of it) was heard in this episode! From those ancient days are selections by Cigarettes (US), The Cigarettes (UK), Slade, The Great Unwashed, Mickey & Sylvia, Flash & The Board Of Directors, Trashcan Sinatras, The Notwist, Sparks, The In-Keepers, Karen, and Papas Fritas.


The best new tracks of the week! You’ll hear E, X, RVG, Momus, Wyldlife, Sachet, Triptides, Lithics, The Cool Greenhouse, BC Camplight, The Cleaners From Venus, Gary Olson, The Tiger Lillies, Andrew Taylor, The Resonars, Darren Hayman, The Bye Bye Blackbirds, Ex Norwegian, Euan Hartley and Friends, Police Control, The Howling Hex, Jeffrey Lewis, The Explorers Club, Los Estanques, Modern Nature, Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey, Der Englische Garten, Xetas, Mike Gale, Goldie Dawn, No Age, Jordan Jones, So Cow, Mr Ben & The Bens, The Belafontes, Aquarian Blood, and C.S.E Art Project.

Older things are also in the show! Those things were created by Fat White Family, Saturday’s Children, Kirsty MacColl, American Music Club, The Moon, Porest, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, The Lions, Bad Dream Fancy Dress, and The Alan Bown.


Amazing new tracks from Wyldlife, RVG, Girl Ray, Nectar, Toner, Parsnip, Yakima, Pottery, The Tiger Lillies, The Bye Bye Blackbirds, Healing Potpourri, Monday Night Special, The Cornshed Sisters, The Catherines, Uni Boys, Sneaky Feelings, Bloodshot Bill, The Reverberations, Grand Union, The Resonars, Primo, Tijuana Panthers, Public Practice, Mick Trouble, Canine 10, Miss Chastity Ranch, The Howling Hex, Cheesemind, Green/Blue, November Bees, Jade Hairpins, Late Cambrian, The Early Mornings, and Fiona Apple. You have to hear this Twaddle to grasp just how great it is. Once you’ve listened, you may never be the same. But you’ll be better than you were.

The past brings you The Fingers, The Chocolate, Grapefruit, Oranger, The Lemon Pipers, The Delmontes, Redwood, Steve & Stevie, Mel Tormé, William Lyall, Sly & The Family Stone, Blinkers, The Gist, Cliff Hillis, Guided By Voices, and Sky Bird. That covers everything, doesn’t it?


New tracks from The Corner Laughers, Centre Negative, Fleur, Sachet, Human Barbie, Once And Future Band, Rexy, Pharmacy Keys, Bill Baird, Savak, Flat Worms, Die Zärtlichkeit, Hazy Sour Cherry, Soft Plastics, 3 South & Banana, Peel Dream Magazine, Thurlowood, Taulard, Jackie Lynn, Mini Skirt, Sofie, Richard Barone, in Woods, The Dears, Soccer Mommy, BC Camplight, The Black Watch, The Beths, and Dana Gavanski, and a selection from the just-released first album from The Frogs, recorded in 1986.oo

The murky and amorphous space between two dates, sometimes referred to as the past, was represented a total of 14 times, going back as far as 1951 with tracks from The Quick, the first (and only) single from Crawling Chaos, Silver Sun, Titus & Ross, The Silent League, H-Bomb Ferguson (*well* before his Rick James-inspired period), The Fall, an unknown artist from Sumatra radio, Wazmo Nariz, The Mascots, Orange Juice (the original version of what is surely their most influential song), Mac Kissoon (a pre-“Love Will Keep Us Together” cut), Kevin Ayers, and The Byrds.


New tracks from Lucy and the Rats, Super 8, Lewsberg, Neutrals, Motorists, The No Ones, Peel Dream Magazine,  The Overtures, Band à Part, CMON, The Chrysanthemums, The Stroppies, The Yellow Melodies, Taulard, Randolph’s Leap, César Vidal, Happyness, The Lovely Eggs, Julien Gasc, Modern Studies, Wyldlife, The Cowboys, Mo Troper, Irma Vep, Sugar World, Thundercat, Spinning Coin, Savak, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, No Age, Anna Burch, and Nick Lowe.

From the past: The June Brides, Focus (no, not *that* song), Part Time, Les Stardust, The World Record, Carolyn Sullivan, Mercy, A Witness, Denny Provisor, Bridget St John, Elton John (definitely not the tune you’re thinking of), Bob Chance, Prefab Sprout, Fountains of Wayne, and Ivy (RIP Adam Schlesinger).



New tracks from Pozi, Savak, RVG, Neutrals, CMON, Squid, CHAI, Melenas, Slum Of Legs, The Black Watch, Mammals, Girlatones, Activity, The Resonars, Sorry, Prairie Clamor, Band à Part, Gary Olson, Snowy Band, Dodda Rivka, Strawberry Generation, Dana Gavanski, Pharmacy Keys, Deerhoof, Derrero, The Paving Company, Sustains, The Lovely Eggs, Sleuth, Peel Dream Magazine, Loving, Nap Eyes, Roddy Woomble, Randolph’s Leap, Un Día Soleado, A Girl Called Eddy, The Cowboys, and BC Camplight. They’re all quite excellent.
From the past: St. Christopher, The Hollies, Albert Ayler, The Greenberry Woods, The Distractions, Danielle Dax, and Papas Fritas.

The 21 March 2020 installment of Mawkish Twaddle had shiny, shiny new sounds from Slum Of Legs, The Cleaners From Venus, Girlatones, Doug Tuttle, Tvärtom, Porridge Radio, Motorists, The Resonars, Go Get Mum, Close Lobsters, Stuart Moxham & Louis Philippe, Las Kellies, R.E. Seraphin, Aiko El Grupo, Streetcar Conductors, The Hannah Barberas, Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls, Mammals, The Yellow Melodies, Zig Zag, The Radio Dept., Elrichman, Cheesemind, Modern Nature, Joseph Airport, Mr Ben & The Bens, Fake Laugh, The Innocence Mission, Cornershop, The Foreign Films, Once And Future Band, Baxter Dury, U.S. Girls, and Morrissey, plus a selection from the new collection of previously unreleased Game Theory tracks.

From the past: Clarence Reid, Suburban Reptiles, #Poundsign#, BC Camplight, Kittu, The First Edition, Myracle Brah, Utopia, Lynn Varnado, The Trend, Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks, and Honeybus.


This week’s Mawkish Twaddle included brand new sounds from The Vapors, The Vapour Trails, Neutrals, Pop 4, Bloodshot Bill, The Cool Greenhouse, Go Get Mum, Axolotes Mexicanos, The Bye Bye Blackbirds, Marker Starling with Lætitia Sadier, R.E. Seraphin, Ezrat, César Vidal, Strange Pilgrim, Porridge Radio, Savak, Indigo Bunting, Shrinkwrap Killers, The Hannah Barberas, The Exbats, Lake Ruth, Protomartyr, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, Wire, Juniore, The Dears, Sparks, Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus, Big Blood, and Martin Frawley.

From the past: Psychic TV (RIP Genesis P-Orridge), B.J. Thomas, Hemsley Morris, John Maus, Super Furry Animals, Billie Davis, Espers, Ganymed, The Electric Prunes, Britt Daniel, The Flirtations, The Electric Light Orchestra, and Billie Dearborn.


On this week’s Mawkish Twaddle on KXSF San Francisco, I spun pleasurable new sounds from Patsy’s Rats, The Stroppies, The Hannah Barberas, Jarrow, Odd Hope, Mythical Motors, Lake Ruth, Disq, The Proper Ornaments, Jeanines, Even As We Speak, Once and Future Band, Handle (Maternal Voice), The Lounge Bar Orchestra, The Cowboys, The Lemon Twigs, Yani Martinelli, Porridge Radio, iji, Catholic Action, Lithics, Doug Tuttle, *Jarvis Cocker*, Pottery, Islet, Luke Haines & Peter Buck, Irma Vep, César Vidal (Caesars), Honey Harper, P.E., and Stephen Malkmus.

There wasn’t time in the show’s two hours for anything old (i.e., released before about four weeks ago). That situation should change starting next week, when the program expands back to three hours. Beginning on the fourteenth of March, listen live at (and 102.5 FM in San Francisco) from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. (Pacific) every Saturday.

Oh, and you can hear the aforementioned program from this week via the Mixcloud link below.

The day that comes round just once every four years is finally here! And what better way to c-e-l-e-b-r-a-t-e National Frog Legs Day than having Mawkish Twaddle (a KXSF program) on in the background of your National Frog Legs Day party tonight? The fun — yes, fun! — begins at 10 PM Pacific time and goes for two whole hours! Just don’t forget that to listen you’ll need a radio (but only if you’re in San Francisco) or a modern appliance that can access the weird world of the World Wide Web. The numbers and letters to know are 102.5 FM and

10 PM PST / 1 AM EST / 6 AM GMT / 3 PM JST / 5 PM AEDT

This week’s Mawkish Twaddle on KXSF San Francisco included new sounds from mormon toasterhead, Airbag, Pictish Trail, Bad Tide, Worriers, Pagodas, Spinning Coin, The Humdrum Express, Frankie valet, Popular Creeps, seablite, Miobell Laβ (vocalists Yu Tokiwa & Osamu Shimada), Public Practice, Jackie Lynn (Circuit des Yeux), Archers of Loaf, Eyelids, Go Get Mum, Modern Studies, Sparks, Kyle Forester, Julian Cope, WYLDLIFE, Guided By Voices, Big Blood, Unhappy Fly, King Tuff, and Bryan Scary.

From the past: Los Shakers, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, and The Vertebrats.

Listen below.

This week’s Mawkish Twaddle on KXSF San Francisco included new tracks from Jeanines, Papur Wal, Cherry Parke, Massage, Boy Romeo, Grrrl Gang, The KIK, Elephant Stone, Danny McDonald, C.S.E Art Project, Gary Ritchie Music, Primo!, The Safes, Clémentine March, Eyelids, Personality Cult, Nick Frater Music, Jim Basnight, Mo Troper, Okay Kaya, The great divides band, Anna Burch, November Bees, Cindy Lee, Big Blood, Strawberry Generation, Gary Wilson, Nada Surf, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, and U.S. Girls .

From the past: another track from Crayon Fields’ All The Pleasures Of The World (possibly the most undeservedly unsung album of the aughts), and one of the best songs from Elvis Costello & The Attractions’ Get Happy to mark the 40th anniversary of its release.

Listen to the whole thing via the arrow in the centre of the picture below.

This week’s Mawkish Twaddle on KXSF included new tracks from The Tubs, Lucy Leave, Huevos II (Sophomore Lounge), Frankie valet, Mo Troper, Bill Baird, Melenas, Pottery, Lewsberg (12XU), Disq, Shopping, Dropkick, Lawrence Arabia, SAVAK, Set-Top Box (Erste Theke Tonträger), European Sun, Sex Clark Five, Anton Barbeau, The Whiffs, Hazel English, Product Placement (Third Uncle Records), Hinds, Guided By Voices, The Homesick, En Attendant Ana, and Nada Surf.

From the past: a selection from the newly reissued second LP by Crayon Fields, plus cuts from The Speedies, The Pogs, Eiskalte Engel, Gene Simmons, Clock DVA, Nazz, and The Button Down Brass Featuring The ‘Funky’ Trumpet Of Ray Davies (possibly not the Ray Davies you’re thinking of, though it could be).

You can listen to the programme via the arrow below.

This past week brought yet another exciting episode of Mawkish Twaddle, my Saturday evening radio program on KXSF San Francisco. During the two-hour show I spun new sounds from Personality Cult, Légumes Sex, Canine 10, Loose Tooth, Lewsberg, Sex Sux, Ultracrush, Deeper, Bandaid Brigade, Josephine, Erik Nervous & The Beta Blockers, seablite, the black watch, Shopping, Clémentine March, The Safes, Peel Dream Magazine, Fitness Womxn, The Men, A Girl Called Eddy, Wild Nothing, Game Theory, Cornershop, Bill Fay, Bryan Scary, of Montreal, and Destroyer. I also babbled unhelpfully about baked Alaskas, but you can’t have everything.

From the distant past: The Rockin’ Ramrods and Gang Of Four (RIP Andy Gill).

Listen to as much (or as little) of it as you like via the link below!

Last night’s Mawkish Twaddle, the weekly radio show I present on KXSF San Francisco, included bold and shiny new sounds from Pet Shimmers, CITY MAZE, The Sufis, Tiña, Huevos II (Sophomore Lounge), Thee Golden Geese, Jeanines, The Safes, Crane Games, The Industry, Basic Plumbing, Product Placement, Swedish Polarbears, Emperor Penguin, Hanemoon, The Coffin Daggers, THE YELLOW MELODIES, The Bitter Springs, En Attendant Ana, TOPS, Happyness, Wire, Destroyer, BC Camplight, Nicolas Godin, Stephen Malkmus, Sarah Mary Chadwick, Isobel Campbell, and Wolf Parade.

From the past I spun a selection from the new East Village collection, plus a Tall Dwarfs tune that probably wouldn’t be a suitable suppertime soundtrack.

Listen to all of it below!

This week’s Mawkish Twaddle, my Saturday evening radio event on KXSF San Francisco, included new sounds from Flying Fish Cove, Kyle Forester, Precious Metals, The Telephone Numbers, Anton Barbeau, The Van Allen Belt, Mo Troper, Selma – bandet, Extradition Order, Prophecy Playground, Spinning Coin, Pintandwefall, Aoife Nessa Frances, The New Art School, Frankie valet, of Montreal, Y cerddor Alun Gaffey, Bill Fay, @A Girl Called Eddy, The Innocence Mission, Alien Nosejob, En Attendant Ana, Nada Surf, Whyte Horses, Alexandra Savior, Vundabar, and The Chap.

From the past: Pale Saints and a tribute to Left Banke vocalist Steve Martin Caro.

Listen via the Mixcloud link below!

This week’s Mawkish Twaddle, my Saturday evening radio get-together on KXSF San Francisco, included new sounds from The Wants, Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice, Josephine, Disq, The Proper Ornaments, Dropkick, Peaness, Euros Childs, The Orielles, Dirty Burger, Big Baby, Ostraaly, Jennifer Gentle, Sore Eros, of Montreal, Field Music, The Just Joans, Wire, Mush, Jungle Breed, Whyte Horses (feat. Gruff Rhys), Guided By Voices, Set-Top Box, and Destroyer. Most of these were released in the twenties.

From the past, there were songs from Klaus und Uschi, The Rokes, Ovens, Doris Troy, Bruno Nicolai (feat. Nancy Cuomo), Moondog, The J. & B. (you probably know them as State Of Micky And Tommy), and Ean Eraser.

You can listen to a recording of the entire two-hour program on Mixcloud via the impossibly convenient link below.


It’s a return to (relative) normalcy on tonight’s Mawkish Twaddle! Come listen to the music of the early twenties from 10 PM to 2 AM Pacific time on KXSF 102.5 FM in San Francisco and at (or TuneIn) everywhere you can imagine. It’ll only be as humdrum as you make it!

10 PM PST / 1 AM EST / 6 AM GMT / 3 PM JST / 5 PM AEDT
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The only place you can hear the 73 best songs of 2019 is right here. Listen today!

1. Ex Hex – Cosmic Cave (2019)

2. Chris Cohen – Green Eyes (2019)
3. Norman – Hell You Are (2019)
4. Fleur – Mon Ami Martien (2019)
5. The Hecks – The King Is Close (2019)
6. Le SuperHomard – Black Diamond (2019)
7. Rocketship – I Just Can’t Get Enough Of You (2019)

8. Deadbeat Beat – You Lift Me Up (2019)
9. Eric Barao – Obsolete (2019)
10. Jordan Jones – No Makeup (2019)
11. Young Guv – Try Not To Hang On So Hard (2019)
12. R. Stevie Moore – Irony (2019)
13. The Rubinoos – Phaedra (2019)

14. Weyes Blood – Andromeda (2019)
15. Velveteen Rabbit – Star In The Making (2019)
16. The Pearlfishers – Love & Other Hopeless Things (2019)
17. P.P. Arnold – The Magic Hour (2019)
18. Remington Super 60 – The Highway Again (2019)

19. that dog. – If You Just Didn’t Do It (2019)
20. Comet Gain – Mid 8Ts (2019)
21. Tyvek – I’ve Not Thought Once (2019)
22. The New Pornographers – Need Some Giants (2019)
23. Seablite – Heart Mountain (2019)

24. Versus – Invisible Love (2019)
25. Guided By Voices – Your Lights Are Out (2019)
26. The Stroppies – My Style, My Substance (2019)
27. Mo Troper – Jas From Australia (2019)
28. Possible Humans – The Thumps (2019)

29. Kit Sebastian – Senden Başka (2019)
30. Aldous Harding – Fixture Picture (2019)
31. Claude Fontaine – Little Sister (2019)
32. Sean O’Hagan – I Am Here (2019)
33. John Southworth – Obscurantism (2019)

34. Patience – The Girls Are Chewing Gum (2019)
35. Falcon/Falkland – Bubble In The Wind (2019)
36. Neutrals – Technical College (2019)
37. Mope Grooves – Turn To Glass (2019)
38. Stereo Total – Cinemascope (2019)

39. White Reaper – Real Long Time (2019)
40. Chai – I’m Me (2019)
41. Ulysses – Fuzzy Lion (2019)
42. Vacation – Capitol Drive (2019)
43. The Whiffs – Throw It Away (2019)

44. Nick Frater – Sunshine After Rain (2019)
45. The Lunar Laugh – Welcome To The World (2019)
46. Spearmint – As I Write This (2019)
47. Business Of Dreams – I Feel Dread (2019)
48. The Reds, Pinks And Purples – Dead End Days (2019)

49. Cate Le Bon – Home To You (2019)
50. Pozi – Engaged (2019)
51. Olden Yolk – Cotton & Cane (2019)
52. Juliana Hatfield – Staying In (2019)
53. Fabienne Delsol – Ladder (2019)
54. J. McFarlane’s Reality Guest – Do You Like What I’m Sayin’? (2019)

55. The Proper Ornaments – Apologies (2019)
56. Purple Mountains – I Loved Being My Mother’s Son (2019)
57. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Bright Horses (2019)
58. Thigh Master – Entity (2019)
59. Modern Nature – Criminals (2019)

60. Richard Dawson – Jogging (2019)
61. Corridor – Pow (2019)
62. Vanishing Twin – Magician’s Success (2019)
63. Erk – Chilly Winds Ahead (2019)
64. The Cowboys – Now With Feeling (2019)

65. Pernice Brothers – The Devil And The Jinn (2019)
66. Jeanines – Winter In The Dark (2019)
67. Priors – Call For You (2019)
68. Control Top – Betrayed (2019)
69. Oort Clod – No Shine (2019)
70. Mick Trouble – Bloody Blighty (2019)
71. Redd Kross – What’s A Boy To Do? (2019)
72. Sonny & The Sunsets – Searchin’ (2019)

73. Failed Flowers – Faces (2019)

This week’s Mawkish Twaddle, heard last night on KXSF San Francisco, includes excellent new tracks from Joseph Airport, Dropkick, POLI – Bruno Rezende, The Whiffs, Derrero, Las Perdón, Jim Noir, Von Hayes, Smug Brothers, Beat Hotel, Euros Childs, Alien Nosejob, Skiftande Enheter, and Cindy Lee.

From the pre-2019 past, there are selections from Clarence Reid (*not* in his Blowfly guise because this is, you know, the radio), Saint Etienne, Françoise Hardy, Teenage Fanclub, John’s Children, My Life Story, Yo La Tengo, Steve & The Board, Nick Lowe, Christmas, Wendy & Bonnie, April March and Los Cincos, Felice Taylor, The Hearby, Redd Kross, Irma Thomas, Pipas, Kleenex Girl Wonder, and Aztec Camera. Some of these are heard during two sets of sparkling winter-themed selections to mark the occasion of the solstice, which happened precisely 101 minutes before the program started.

I think it’s one of my most appealing shows to date. Listen to the whole thing below!





Mawkish Twaddle, the program I present on KXSF San Francisco every Saturday, usually runs two hours. This week’s installment was a five-hour extravaganza that included sparkling new sounds from The Woolen Men, Lannie Flowers Band, Close Lobsters, Mo Troper, Plates of Cake, COLD BEAT, Math and Physics Club, Cindy Lee, woolworm, The Dentals, Altre di B, The Just Joans, Don Idiot, Catholic Action, L’Épée, The Toms, Eddy current suppression ring (official), Ducks Unlimited – band, Miracle Sweepstakes, Drag Sounds, Program, Juvenilia, Whyte Horses, Dumb Things, En Attendant Ana, Theatre Royal, Baxter Dury, and spearmint.

From the past: The Jaguars, The Chesterfields, The Olivia Tremor Control, The Hollies, Linda Ball, Milton Nascimento & Lô Borges, Jason Crest, Michel Magne, Question Mark And The Mysterians, The Isley Brothers, The Fondettes, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Mike Nyoni, Eiskalte Engel, the Cannanes, ABBA, Brian Hyland, Ian Lloyd, Little Betty, Mikael Ramel, The Clash, Wondermints, Showcase, Neil Young, Neil Hamburger, Bill Fay, The City Surfers, Sloan Music, Robert Lester Folsom, The Slender Plenty, Orange Juice, Bottroper Hammerchor, Elisabetta, Jean-Jacques Perrey & Harry Breuer, The Prefects, The Bee Gees, Unwound, Kaplan, The Chamber Strings, The Clientele, Milton Bennett, Brenda Holloway, What To Wear, Genesis, and Sebadoh. Also: a tribute to the recently departed Roy Loney with tracks from The Flamin’ Groovies and Roy Loney & The Phantom Movers.

Hear all five hours via the link below.

Last night’s installment of Mawkish Twaddle, my weekly show on KXSF San Francisco, included new sounds from The Whiffs, Saul Glennon, Flyying Colours, SAVAK, The Toms (from the new collection of recently discovered 1979 recordings), The Gentle Cycle, Fortitude Valley, Porridge Radio, Latvian Radio, Dragnet, Terrible Signal, The Proper Ornaments, Goodman, The S-Bends, Shopping, Norman, Fabienne Delsol, Don Idiot, The Homesick, The Gonks, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, of Montreal, Blues Lawyer, Green Buzzard, Hinds, and Falcon/Falkland, all of them really good.

From the past: Another Sunny Day, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Dexys Midnight Runners, The Millennium, Wild Silk, and a track from the newly reissued second Crayon Fields LP.

A recording of the entire program is at the link below!






This week’s Mawkish Twaddle, the two-hour Saturday evening program I present on KXSF in San Francisco, included brilliant new sounds from Ducks Unlimited – band, Kurt Baker, Trolley, The Whiffs, Caddy, Anyway Gang, Velveteen Rabbit, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, The Oilies, Keys, Andrew Anderson, Program, The Most, Peel Dream Magazine, Itchy Bugger, James Swanberg, Pure Moods, spearmint, Candy, and Tindersticks.

I also had time to spin older tracks from Our Plastic Dream, Les Chakachas, Sandy Posey, The Jets, Sparks, Stereolab, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Chris Stamey, Equipe 84, 45 Grave, The Attractions, and Sakata Orchestra. I’d really meant to play something from Mikael Ramel but totally forgot. Maybe next week.

Click below to listen!






Last night’s Mawkish Twaddle, a two-hour radio program I present every Saturday evening on KXSF in San Francisco, included new sounds from Miracle Sweepstakes, Canshaker Pi, Modesty Blaise, Plates of Cake, Mo Troper, Corte Real, The S-Bends, Dronjo Kept By 4, The Jay Vons, The Woolen Men, Sprinters, NovaBound, Hazy Sour Cherry, Remington super 60, Deliluh, Peel Dream Magazine, The Gonks, Yo La Tengo, Norman, Dragnet (Spoilsport Records), A Girl Called Eddy- Been Around, West Wickhams, Silent James, Chocolat, The Dentals, Rubber Band Gun, Nada Surf, Salad Boys, Girl Ray, and Baxter Dury. Also: a track from the new collection of previously unreleased songs by Arthur Russell.









Last night’s Mawkish Twaddle, the weekly radio program I present on KXSF San Francisco, included a bonus third hour. The show featured new sounds from Eyelids; The Whiffs; Sasha Bell; The Arthur Brothers; Spinning Coin; Young Scum; Nick Frater Music; Vetchinsky Settings; Wyatt Blair; Typsy Panthre; Circarama; Barry – Band; Falcon/Falkland (with Kelley Stoltz); Star Trip; K. Campbell; Dumb Things; spearmint; Die Katapult; Blues Lawyer; Gabi Garbutt; The Hit Parade; Sons Of Raphael; Lucie,Too; The Golden Seals; Seazoo; Matt Valentine; Skiftande Enheter; Fitted; Lake Ruth; Kosmetika; Failed Flowers; Dead Famous People Official; The Dentals; Guided By Voices; Omni; En Attendant Ana; Sean O’Hagan; and El Perro del Mar, all of which are so good that you simply must stop whatever you’re doing now (that includes sleeping) and click the link below to listen.

That isn’t everything! I spun selections from new releases collecting recordings by The Springfields and Peter Ivers, plus old tracks from Billie Davis, The Jam (on the 40th anniversary of the issuance of Setting Sons), Mellow, and Connections.





Last night’s installment of Mawkish Twaddle, my weekly program on KXSF in San Francisco, included exciting new sounds from Ex-Vöid, House deposit, OTTO inoffizielle Seite, woolworm, Patio Solar, Romantic States, Los Estanques, Spray Paint, The Bob of the Pops Band, Negativland, The Electric Arch, Dog Daisies, Dry Cleaning, Rocketship, Thigh Master, Black Marble, Mr Ben & The Bens, RICHARD DAWSON, spearmint, Wire, The Orielles, Anna Meredith, Sean O’Hagan, Pernice Brothers, Young Guv, and Mikal Cronin.

Also heard: a heretofore unreleased 1969 track from Jim Sullivan, and a selection from The Fall’s Dragnet LP to mark its 40th anniversary.

You can listen to all of it, including an Emergency Alert System warning toward the end of the show, via the arrow below.







So much exciting new music is being created these days that it would be impossible to play anywhere near all of it (though I try) on Mawkish Twaddle, the weekly program I present on KXSF in San Francisco.

Last night’s show included new sounds from ANC4 Arvidsonnilssoncombofour, Candy, The Vacant Smiles, The Woolen Men, The Kyle Sowashes, Thee Agnès Muller, Twin Dimensions, dogs in trees, Vinyl Skyway, Program, Ben Woods, Corridor, Velveteen Rabbit, Frustration, My Little Hum, The Hecks, Buenos Vampiros, Slumberjet, S.C.A.B. (Spirit Goth), Peel Dream Magazine, Omni, Vision 3D, Comet Gain, Patti, Mike Krol, Whyte Horses with John Grant, The Muffs, Garden Centre, Emma Russack (Official) & Lachlan Denton, and Sloan Music.

Listen via the arrow below!






This week’s Mawkish Twaddle, the radio program I present every Saturday evening on KXSF in San Francisco, included blazing new sounds from Julie’s Haircut, Pavlov’s puss., Velveteen Rabbit, Tvärtom, Corridor, Propeller, Leopardo, Billiam, Gold Celeste, Current Affairs, Well Whale, Girl Ray, The Brothers Steve, Mr Ben & The Bens, Failed Flowers, Unhappy Fly, Good Morning, Rocketship, Fabienne Delsol, GOLD DIME, P.P. Rebel, The Hecks, Go Get Mum, RICHARD DAWSON, Kim Gordon, Comet Gain, BODEGA, That Dog., Pernice Brothers, and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

If you’d like, you can listen to the entire two-hour program on Mixcloud via the link below. I do think the consistent quality of the music resulted in the best show I’ve done in the two-plus years of its existence.







The until-recently reliable KXSF stream only sputtered to a halt for short periods during last night’s show, which was a bit of an improvement over the previous program. Nevertheless, the Mixcloud archive will be going up a little later than usual as I need to reconstruct some of the musical segments. To tide you over, you can read the list below.











Last night’s episode of Mawkish Twaddle, the weekly music show I present on KXSF in San Franciso, included new music par excellence from Råttanson, Tuff Sunshine, Olivia’s World, The Nines, Alice Hubble, Robert Sotelo, Egotronic, Tracy Shedd, Ana Frango Elétrico, Bad Weed (Siluh Records), Hot Shorts, Río Arga, Klaus Johann Grobe, KAZU, TWEN, Baby Shakes, Jetstream Pony, Rev Rev Rev, Operator Music Band, Sean O’Hagan, Pernice Brothers, Black Sand, RICHARD DAWSON, Belle and Sebastian, and Field Music, plus a heretofore unreleased 1967 track from Cindy Malone. From the past: The Cars, Larry Wallis, and Twice As Much.

The entire program can be heard on Mixcloud via the link below.








Last night on Mawkish Twaddle, my weekly program on KXSF San Francisco, my relentless button pressing resulted in exciting new tracks from Club-Med, So Cow, Dry Cleaning, STAG, Guaxe, spearmint, Lost Ships, Hidrogenesse, Gaarden, Ravi/Lola, Those Pretty Wrongs, Bam!Bam!, Stars/On/Fire, Rush To Relax, Pernice Brothers, Champion of Youth, The Campbell Apartment, Trupa Trupa, Kelley Stoltz, Belle and Sebastian, King Rocko Schamoni, Alasdair Roberts, David Auld Kilgour And The Heavy Eights, Vivian Girls, Omni, The New Pornographers, Gruff Rhys, and tindersticks (official) going out over the SF airwaves and into electronic listening appliances the world over.

From the past: Daniel Johnston’s best (or maybe second best) tune and a sunshine pop gem from Group Therapy.

You can hear the full two hours via the Mixcloud link below.






If you only ever listen to one episode of Mawkish Twaddle, a Saturday evening show on KXSF San Francisco that I present, this is the one. I took a week off last week (to see a Bryan Ferry performance), a break that resulted in a virtual pile of far too many excellent new tracks to spin in the span of last night’s two-hour program. I was, and remain, tremendously excited about this particular batch.

Specifically, this Twaddle includes brilliant new sounds from The Plastic Shoelaces, Eggstone, Oort Clod, Roxy Girls, Crush Material, Fountain, Cattle, TV CRIME, L’Épée, Joe Pernice/Pernice Brothers, The likes of you, Italia 90, Lassie, Kelley Stoltz, The Last Detail, Gary Wilson & R Stevie Moore, Young Guv, The Explorers Club, Die Katapult, Cleaners From Venus/Martin Newell, EXEK, Squid, Say Sue Me, Thigh Master, Isobel Campbell, Ezra Furman, PART TIME, Comet Gain, Madder Rose, EX HEX, and Mikal Cronin.

You can hear it — all of it, including my inane patter — at the Mixcloud link below.





Last night’s episode of Mawkish Twaddle, my weekly radio program on KXSF San Francisco, included interesting and exciting new tracks from Erk; Poppel; The Umbrella Puzzles (Golden Teardrops-related); Eyelids; The Vapour Trails; Mr Ben & The Bens; Fleur; Grey Hairs; The Reds, Pinks And Purples (Glenn Donaldson); Current Affairs; Tsuchiyamakoto; The Rails; The Umbrellas; Versus NYC; Hygiene; Ghost Funk Orchestra; Life Strike; Modern Nature; CINDY; Deadbeat Beat; Jay Som; The New Pornographers; TFS Band; and Redd Kross. Beyond that, a full twenty-two and a half percent of the show’s content was released to the world in years prior to the current one. In a better world than the one in which we live in, the selections from Ted Gärdestad; Jack Bedient & The Chessmen; La Casa Azul; Giles, Giles & Fripp; Split Enz; Hal Blaine; and The Revillos would have topped the singles chart for 19 weeks. Listen below!








Last night’s episode of Mawkish Twaddle, my weekly radio program on KXSF in San Francisco, included exciting new tracks from Pony in the Pancake, Lunch Lady, Cozy Slippers, Grow Rich, Erk, Joy Again, Pscience (Space Taker Sounds), Dry Cleaning, The Umbrellas, Nice Breeze, wojtek the bear, Susan (Volar Records), Versus NYC, Mope Grooves, Die Höchste Eisenbahn, Parsnip, The Rubinoos, Garden Centre, PP Arnold, ECHO OHs, Trinary System, Empty Country, Alex Cameron, Omni, Purple Pilgrims, Thee Oh Sees, Modern Nature, 松木美定, and BODEGA. The pre-2019 past, meanwhile, was represented by selections from The Suncharms, Peter Fonda (RIP), and XTC.

Click below to listen to all of it!







On last night’s Mawkish Twaddle, my weekly two-hour show on KXSF San Francisco, I spun sparkling new sounds from Hairband; Drawing Boards; The Vapour Trails; Parsnip; U.S. Highball; 소음발광 (Soumbalgwang); The Young Sinclairs; Nice Breeze; The Fisherman and his Soul; Surf Friends; Wolf Circus; Low key crush; Sink Tapes; The Rubinoos ; ユメノマ yumenoma; The Paranoid Style; Spinning Coin; PART TIME; The Supernaturals; Young Guv; Happypills; The Monochrome Set; Francis Lung; Girl Ray; The Living Eyes; The New Pornographers; The Reds, Pinks & Purples; Mick Trouble; Ty Segall; Wild Billy Chyldish & CTMF; and Mikal Cronin. The past was completely ignored.

Listen via the link below!










This week’s Mawkish Twaddle, my show on KXSF 102.5 FM San Francisco, was the hundredth episode. I noted the occasion by expanding the program from two to three hours. During that time I spun new tracks from The Young Sinclairs, Those Pretty Wrongs, Kit Sebastian, Ynys, The Rubinoos, EXEK, Scratch Match, Tuff Sunshine, Stereo Total, The Paranoid Style, Mick Trouble, The Junior League, Últim Cavall, B Boys, The Coolies., Honey Radar, Orouni, No Sister, Life Strike, Tyevk, Redd Kross, LunchLady, Knife Wife, Butcher The Bar, The Chats, seablite, The Birthmarks, April Magazine, Thee Oh Sees, Young Guv, Den Baron, Florist, Purple Mountains, Ezra Furman, and Lloyd Cole, plus a cut from a newly reissued 2007 LP by Armstrong.

From the recent (2015) to distant (1964) past, I played selections from Momus, The Flashcubes, Jackie Mittoo, The Great Unwashed, Martin Circus, Susan James, The Grays, Dungen, The Skinnies, Cheap Trick, The Canterbury Music Festival, Angelina, and The Ram Jam Big Band.

Click below to listen!






Last night’s episode of Mawkish Twaddle, my weekly show on KXSF San Francisco, featured excellent new tracks from Super Low; The Reds, Pinks & Purples (Pretty Olivia Records); Dumb Things; Static In Verona; Chris von Sneidern; Kit Sebastian; The Lewis Express (ATA Records); Surf Friends; Tampopo – band; Darren Hayman; Mick Trouble (possibly Jed Smith); Ducks Unlimited – band; Play People; Well Read Seals; Terry; Chuck Cleaver; Divino Niño; Stereo Total; David Kilgour And The Heavy Eights; Lachlan Denton & Studio Magic; Penelope Isles; Vivian Girls; The Lousy Pop Group; Gong Gong Gong 工工工; Wild Billy Chyldish & CTMF; and Francis Lung.

Human history prior to 2019 was represented on the program by exciting sounds from Arielle Angelfred (from a new compilation), The Cape Kennedy Construction Company, Barbara Manning, Johan, Shambeko! Say Wah!, and Amon Düül II.

You can hear it all via the link below!








Last night’s installment of Mawkish Twaddle, my Saturday evening show on KXSF San Francisco, included sparkling new tracks from Kool Aid, Cabin Essence, TheCatherines, Eggy, Proto Idiot, Current Affairs, Friedrich Sunlight, Purling Hiss, Dry Cleaning, FOGGY TAPES, Mikey Erg, U.S. Highball, The Infinites, Dave (Daff Gravolin from Hierophants), Pere Ubu (the band, not the restaurant of that name in Glyfáda, Greece), James Clarke Five, Control Top, Jeanines, Kyle Craft, and Purple Mountains.

I also spun newly reissued semi-obscurities from The Stroppies and Stereolab, and older songs (some possibly unfamiliar) from Pony in the Pancake, Hugo, Myracle Brah, Nils Lofgren, In-Seit, 20/20 (yes, that track), Blind Seagull, Nick Garrie, and Silver (that last one coming from the intersection of bubblegum and music for medium-sized pleasure boats). Finally, I explained why I’d decided not to play a Harry Partch tune (but ruminating upon this on Sunday morning, I wish I had played it).

Click below to hear it all!








Last night’s Mawkish Twaddle, my weekly Saturday evening radio event on KXSF 102.5 FM in San Francisco, included exciting new sounds from U.S. Highball, The Young Sinclairs, Parsnip, Onesie, Kit Sebastian, L I P S, The Proctors, KOKOKO!, John Myrtle, In Deed, Jeanines, The Ballet, The Martial Arts, Kool Aid, Friedrich Sunlight, TWINK with Moths & Locusts and Heavy Friends, Pipe-eye, Den Baron, Pin Ups, Las Densas, The Soft Cavalry, Claude Fontaine, Lassie, Belle and Sebastian, Ulysses, TV CRIME, THE OCEAN BLUE, and The Catenary Wires.

From the past, I played tracks by João Gilberto (RIP), Normil Hawaiians, The Merry-Go-Round, Fire Engines, and The Chocolate Watchband.

You can listen to the complete two-hour extravaganza via the arrow below.









The contents of last night’s radio transmission in easily readable form.

1. Deadbeat Beat – You Lift Me Up (2019)

2. Kamikaze Palm Tree – Tucans Nose (2019)

3. Neutrals – You Were Seen (2019)

4. Holy Tunics – Upside Down In Wonderland (2019)

5. Proto Idiot – Find Out For Ourselves (2019)

6. Dum Dum Boys – Casanova (2019)

7. Martin Circus – Barbe Bleue (1969)

8. Elisa Waut – Russia (1982; reissued 2019)

9. Eggy – Eggystential (2019)

10. Japanese Television – Slime (2019)

11. Moon Duo – Stars Are The Light (2019)

12. Julian Cope – Sunshine Playroom (1984)

13. Peeps – Got Plenty Of Love (1965)

14. Honey Radar – Almanac Singer (2019)

15. Shivery Shakes – No Return (2019)

16. Remington Super 60 – The Highway Again (2019)

17. Sarah Bethe Nelson – Too Rich (2019)

18. The Infinites – Ryan Fontaine (2019)

19. The Schramms – Won’t Fall Down (2019)

20. Fernando Viciconte – The Company (feat. Luther Russell) (2019)

21. Smiles – Gone For Good (2019)

22. Friedrich Sunlight – Radikal Und Chic (2019)

23. Ulysses – She (2019)

24. Redd Kross – What’s A Boy To Do? (2019)

25. Marcos y Molduras – La de Parks (2019)

26. Chris Stamey And The ModRec Orchestra – Manhattan Melody (That’s My New York) (feat. Django Haskins with Branford Marsalis) (2019)

27. The Caraway – Misty Moonlight (2019)

28. Flying Fish Cove – En Garde (2019)

29. Cool Sounds – Around And Down (2019)

30. The Gold Needles – I’m Gonna Try (2019)

31. The Little Foxes – So Glad Your Love Doesn’t Change (1968)

32. Negative Gears – Bless (2019)

33. Lawrence Arabia – The Listening Times (2012)

My two-hour radio extravaganza had a certain focus last night. The tiny subgenre of late ’70s arena-rock bands with both castrati vocals and a full horn section? No, that wasn’t it. Singing groups whose diets consist solely of root vegetables? Not it either. Scan this playlist and see if you can guess the theme.

1. Bertrand Burgalat & Robert Wyatt – This Summer Night (2007)

2. Ulysses – Fuzzy Lion (2019)
3. The Lunar Laugh – Welcome To The World (2019)
4. Surf Curse – Disco (2019)
5. Petite League – New York Girls (2019)
6. The Bishop’s Daredevil Stunt Club – Lifeguard (2019)
7. Mothboxer – Sing To Me (2019)

8. Hefner – The King Of Summer (2001)
9. The Hot Dog Stand – C’mon Summer’s Happenin’ (1968)
10. Comet Gain – Just One More Summer Before I Go (2005)
11. The Trade Winds – Summertime Girl (1965)
12. Mark Eric – Place For The Summer (1969)
13. Flashing Lights – Summertime Climb (1999)
14. Slade – Summer Song (Wishing You Were Here) (1974)
15. The Cute Lepers – It’s Summertime Baby (2008)

16. Onesie – Monster Manual (2019)
17. The Cretins – Haven’t Got A Clue (2019)
18. Young Guv – Every Flower I See (2019)
19. S A Reyners (feat. Jinx) – Man On The Scene (2019)
20. The Ocean Blue – Step Into The Night (2019)

21. Band Apart – Eve Ryonne (1983)
22. Stars On Fire – Blue Skies (2019)
23. The Gold Needles – Do You Want What I Need (2019)
24. Scandinavia – Autumn Coat (2019)
25. Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe & Friends – A Hollywood (2019)

26. Moss Poles – One Summer (1987)
27. Emiliana Torrini – Unemployed In Summertime (1999)
28. The Rhythm Method – Salad Cream (2019)
29. T. Rex – Celebrate Summer (1977)
30. The Clockwatchers – Hey It’s Summertime (1967)
31. The Rubinoos – Honey From The Honeycombs (2019)
32. The Galileo 7 – I Dream Of Sleep (2019)

33. Jérôme Minière – Cascades (2019)

On this week’s Mawkish Twaddle (heard last night on KXSF in San Francisco), I played electrifying new sounds from Holy Tunics, PINCH POINTS, The Bushrods, Pin Ups, The Galileo 7, Honey Radar, Andreas Dorau, Sachet, Jeanines, Vanishing Twin, espíritusanto, TheCatherines, Salt, Mira Cook, Monokultur, Derya Yildirim & Grup Şimşek, The Catenary Wires, Peter Perrett, Nice Apple, Mike Adams At His Honest Weight, Tony Molina, Claude Fontaine, CHAI, and Purple Mountains.

Around and in between those new sounds were older tracks from Haruomi Hosono, Pugwash, The Breakaways, Los Shakers, Véronique Sanson, Grapefruit, Joy Division, and Micky Moonshine.

You can listen to all two hours below!

It’s Mawkish Twaddle on KXSF tonight for the most interesting batch of tracks — most of them brand new — that you’ll hear anywhere this week. Tune your knob to 102.5 FM in San Francisco, or stream at or on TuneIn worldwide!


Last night on Mawkish Twaddle on KXSF San Francisco, I played new sounds from James Clarke Five, Mush, School of Language, The Gotobeds, J. Robbins, Peaness, Possible Humans, Redd Kross, Christian Fitness, Foxhall Stacks, Urochromes, The Minus 5, Siskiyou, Doug Tuttle, Corner Boys, Pip Blom, and Cate Le Bon. Oh, and a track from Ornament und Verbrechen that might as well be new since maybe 50 people had a copy of the late ‘80s cassette from which it came.

Speaking of a not-so-moldy past, listeners also heard selections from Picky Picnic, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Skeeter Davis, Ice The Falling Rain, Jigsaw, The Relationship, Pram, The Everly Brothers, The Playmates, The Moon, Brent Randall is Gentle Brent, and Bird Nest Roys. And I didn’t forget about Roky.

It’s possible to hear it all but you need to press the arrow below with determination and high expectations.

This week’s Mawkish Twaddle, heard last night on KXSF 102.5 FM in San Francisco, features a spirited and insightful interview with Fontaines D.C.guitarist Carlos O’Connell, plus the latest tracks (each and every one of them exciting and stimulating) from VacationPin UpsJust MustardNeutrals, Terry, Reality InstructorsDuschpalatsetVanishing TwinHygieneSAVAKThe IntelligenceClaude FontaineStereo TotalCate Le BonDoug TuttleEzra Furman, Mike Donovan, and the Dublin quintet mentioned toward the beginning of this long sentence.

Elsewhere in the program, nostalgia buffs will thrill to the sounds of yesteryear, represented by parallel universe chart-toppers from The Fall, Girl Band, Twinn Connexion, and Ti-Tho. You really need to hear that Ti-Tho track.

Gently depress the arrow below to listen to the show!


On last Saturday’s Mawkish Twaddle on KXSF in San Francisco, I played electrifying new sounds from Neutrals, The Rubinoos, The Verlaines, edgar déception, seablite, My Teenage Stride, Skydeck, Imperial Wax, Paul Den Heyer, FREEZ, Olden Yolk, Squiggles, Mr Ben & The Bens, Monnone Alone, Cariño, Keel Her, Bubblegum Lemonade, Sarah Bethe Nelson, L.A. Mood, Flower, RVG, Nick Lowe, The Mystery Lights, The Divine Comedy, Fontaines D.C., and birthday celebrant Wreckless Eric.

But I didn’t ignore the past, as tracks from Jim Spencer, Strange Fox, The Government, Spring Fever, Johnny Pearson, and Quick Culture will attest.

Listen below!

This week’s episode of Mawkish Twaddle, which aired last night on KXSF in San Francisco, includes exciting new sounds from Starry Eyed Cadet; Not Yetis; Big Quiet; Pottery; Hurry; POW!; Butcher The Bar; TheCatherines; Eric Barao; Sofa City Sweetheart; The Reds, Pinks & Purples; Dehd; Pixx; Karl Ward; La Batteria; VON SPAR; Death And Vanilla; john southworth; Clinic; Cheesemind (琪琪音像|Qiii Snacks Records); Mourning [A] BLKstar; The Gotobeds; Superchunk; and Boogarins.

I also played older tracks — that you’re going to find just as exciting — from Splitsvilleusa, Rebel Truce, The Yetis, Peggy Lipton (RIP), Colin Giffin, Kyle Forester, and The Chamber Strings.

Click below to hear it all!

Following a one-week New York break, I returned last night to the radio program known as Mawkish Twaddle and played new sounds from KITTY KAT FAN CLUB, Versus NYC, Jeanines, The Resonars, Doggy, Squiggles, Sarah Bethe Nelson, Sofa City Sweetheart, Quiet Marauder, Whoa Melodic, FRITZ, Versing, RUBUR, The Pearlfishers, Neleonard, Wreckless Eric, Peel Dream Magazine, Altın Gün, Regional Creeps, Gauche, Patience, Zebra Hunt, Drahla, Boogarins, Tacocat, Peter Perrett, The Dream Syndicate, Guided By Voices, and The Cowboys, and a previously unreleased track from Stereolab. The past, meanwhile, was ably represented by Octopus, The Mabuses, and Stackridge.

You can listen to the entire two-hour show.

Listen to Mawkish Twaddle tonight on KXSF 102.5 FM in San Francisco! You’ll hear this week’s batch of exciting new tracks, plus a strange and captivating assortment of rarely played gems from the recent and distant past. 10 PM to midnight Pacific time on your radio in SF, and on anyplace you happen to be.

Mawkish Twaddle. Recorded live for KXSF 102.5 Fm on April 13th of 2019. (Exp. 4-27-19)

On last night’s episode of Mawkish Twaddle I transmitted new sounds from Jeanines, Swim Team, Amoeba Teen, The Catenary Wires, Nick Eng, Straight Arrows, Martha, Pottery, Red Sleeping Beauty, The Proper Ornaments, Fontaines D.C., Art Brut, UV Race, Sonny & the Sunsets, Clinic, Morrissey, Chris Cohen, and The Dates.

That’s not quite all: there were older tracks from Cherry Twister, The Bugaloos, The Shivvers, Hajime Hiro, Peggy Lipton, The Puddle, Groovy Uncle, The Feelies, The Greenberry Woods, Kati Kovács, The Scruffs, The Clientele, The Associates, and (early) Primal Scream. You can hear the show via the arrow below. This week’s saxophone alert level: low.

Mawkish Twaddle. Recorded live for KXSF 102.5 Fm on April 6th of 2019. (Exp. 4-20-19)

Mawkish Twaddle. Recorded live for KXSF 102.5 Fm on March 30th of 2019. (exp. 3-13-19)

Listen to KXSF tonight for this week’s edition of Mawkish Twaddle! 10 PM to midnight Pacific time at 102.5 FM in San Francisco and everywhere. #indiepop #postpunk #collegerock #sunshinepop #punkrock #psychedelic #indierock #powerpop #girlgroups #noiserock #schlager #folkrock #northernsoul #newmusic #chamberpop #freeformradio #sanfrancisco

You can listen to this week’s Mawkish Twaddle, which aired on the San Francisco radio waves last night, right here!  I spun exciting new tracks from The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness; Châteaubriand; Seatbelts; Nuns Honey; Flying Fish Cove; Boyracer; La Fille; Bubblegum Lemonade; Shiny Times; Vanilla; KiDD; Johnny Stanec; Marc Jonson & Compañia de Sueños Ilimitada; Chappaqua Wrestling; Murray A. Lightburn; Film Jacket 35; The Minneapolis Uranium Club; The Tough Shits; Patience; Stephen Malkmus; Chai; The Maureens; Ex Hex; Karen O & Danger Mouse; and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Were there pre-2019 sounds as well?  Of course!  Artists falling into that category were The Realists; The Sharona/ザ・シャローナ; Thomas And Richard Frost; Rain; The Fall; Tommy Roe; The dB’s; Shirley Ellis; and The Knickerbockers.

Mawkish Twaddle. Recorded live for KXSF 102.5 Fm on March 9th of 2019.

Mawkish Twaddle. Recorded live for KXSF 102.5 Fm on March 2nd of 2019. (exp. 3-19-19)

Mawkish Twaddle. Recorded live for KXSF 102.5 Fm on February 16 of 2019. (exp. 3-5-19)

My KXSF show this week has new tracks from The Resonars, Le SuperHomard, Basic Hinge, Jacuzzi Boys, The Sharona, bis, Alien Nosejob, Olivia’s World, Station 17, Kai Danzberg, Sleaford Mods, Monnone Alone, Long Ryders, Anemone, Bill Pritchard + more!

This week’s Twaddle includes brand new and recent sounds from The Teeth (Japan); Botschaft (Germany); K. H. Mirth (England); Business of Dreams (US); The Proper Ornaments (England); Sambassadeur (Sweden); Tullycraft (US); O – Olivier Marguerit (France); Bob Mould (US); Tight Knit (Australia); R. Stevie Moore (US); The Maureens (Netherlands); Mike Krol (US); FONTAINES D.C. (Ireland); Guided By Voices (US); Soleil (Japan); Deidre & the Dark (US); POLTA (Japan); Panda Bear (US); and Wand (US). And there are older selections from East Village (England); The Momes (England); Barry Mann (US); The Nothing (New Zealand); The Back Seat (US); Akiko Yano (Japan); Julian Cope (England); Hans Edler (Sweden); Samantha Jones (England); Part Time (US); Cold Fly (England); The Spiders (Japan); and Jay Arner (US) that might as well be new.

Listen to KXSF

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