KXSF’s Top Local Songs of 2021

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In a year where so many things went awry (just like every year?) there were some bright spots… like music! So when we asked our deejays “What’s your choice for the single best local track from 2021?” they came up with some inspired choices. Enjoy!

Chosen by Artist Song Release Label
Janelle (Supper Sessions) Rainbow Girls

Doesn’t Make Any Sense

Rolling Dumpster Fire (album) Rainbow Girls
Pamela Busch (5th Wave Radio/Queerly Drinking) Marty O’Reilly & the Old Soul Orchestra


Signal Fires (album) Poison Torch Records
Scott Armstrong tUnE-yArDs


 sketchy. (album) 4AD
Gage (Off the Hook) Caitlin Cobb-Vialet

I Confuse Us

I Confuse Us (single) War Chant Recordings
Kate (Pinkies Down) Kronos Quartet/Mahsa Vahdat

Vaya Vaya

Vaya Vaya (single) Kirkelig Kulturverksted
Sarah Wemmer (Della Fuoco, of the Alibi) Comrade

Tools Down

Tools Down (single) WOKEBRO
‘Evil’ Sandy Lucas (The Verge) Nobody’s Baby

Acid in Marin

Acid in Marin (EP) ORCHARD – Tiger Dream
Carolyn Toads

Another Year

TOADS (album) Sanctuary Moon
Andy Chaos (Shenanigans) West Cult

Further Faster

West Cult Demo (EP) digital s/r
Andy Chaos (Shenanigans ) Decent Criminal


Sell The Heart Records/ Gunner Records
Stephen King (the Creep) Succumb


XXI (album) The Flenser
Zach Southern aka Del Sur (The Chasm) Glowing Brain 

Everyone Higher Than Everyone Else

Brain Dust (album) The Ghost Is Clear Records
Stephen King (the Creep) Sonny & The Sunsets

The Letter

New Day with New Possibilities (album) Rocks in Your Head Records
Bob Newman. (Mawkish Twaddle) Seablite


Breadcrumbs (single) Emotional Response
Henry Wimmer (The Open Mind Music Experience)
Kelly Stoltz

Perpetual Night

Antique Glow (20th Anniversary Expanded Edition) (album) Raoul Records
Dusty Kashi Flowers (Interstellar Nights) Greg Ashley

Last Trip to Heaven

Radio MDMA (album) Burger Records
Claudia Müller (DJ Meta / Kraut Out Loud Bachelor


Doomin’ Sun (label comp album) Polyvinyl Records
Bob T (‘Radio Bob’/ Frequency Uplift!) La Doña

Setas Y Ceros

Setas Y Ceros (single) s/r