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Frequency Uplift! Podcast. (Sunday, March 15th)

Written by on March 15, 2020

FREQUENCY UPLIFT !  SUN. 03.15.2020.  > 10pm-12m.

           … solidarity across closing borders, music opening us from the isolation room of the hard birthing of a new society. new uplift music from  Nass El Hall (Morocco), Shabaka and the Ancestors (UK/South Africa), Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh / Dan Trueman (Éire/USA),  Arvo Party (Éire), Nazar (Angola), African Headcharge (UK/JA) and more of the stuff of life, sung from street to street . one world now and some love for McCoy Tyner, rise in power …



FREQUENCY UPLIFT !  SUN. 03.08.2020.  > 10pm-12m.

International Womxn’s Day.

   … second Sunday poets and WOMXN’S VOICES with Cassandra Rockwood Rice Ganem, curator of upcoming women’s poetry day-long marathon [ed.: EVENT POSTPONED to next year DUE TO COVID-19] and monthly readings/artist/poet. new uplift music from  CAO/Constanza Bizraelli (Peru/Amsterdam), Kokoroko (UK Afro/Caribbean diaspora ), Emma-Jean Thackray (UK), Christelle Bofale (Austin, TX), SassyBlack (Seattle)  & other rad women.            



FREQUENCY UPLIFT !  SUN. 03.01.2020.  > 10pm-12m. 

    … Freeeq U. meets Recombinant 2020 Festival founder, 

Naut Humon.   talk and tracks. clouds of confoundment

   … in a fifth year of cutting-edge electronic/electro-acoustic/audio-visual experimentation and collaboration.   New sonorities from local/international Festival artists [Pod Blotz, Amma Ateria, Britton Powell, Saariselka, Aigokeros and Schmitt ] and more and some newness elsewhere from across the [mind] map: Pulled by  Magnets (UK), dumama  & kechou (Johannesburg/Capetown)

, listen back and expand.            




FREQUENCY UPLIFT !  SUN. 02.23.2020.  > 10pm-12m. 

    some memoriasome celebration. music for the changes.

   … new sound tonight from the Seshen (Oakland), The Brother Moves On (Johannesburg),  Invisible System (UK/Mali),  Afrikan Sciences  (NYC) ,  

Plage 84 (Paris),  some evolution/revolution …


     ¡ UPLIFT !

      Freq.Uplift podcast 2.23.2020
FREQUENCY UPLIFT ! SUN. 02.16.2020. > 10pm-12m.
.. another Sunday [and night comes], sounds… like a cool drink, from North and South, some dancing before the work ahead
… drawing fresh water from these wells this week:
Filip y Woppe (Mexico City), Bahía do Ascenso (Mexico City), Jonathan Ferr (Brazil), Oren Ambarchi (Melbourne, AUS.), Miles Boyd (UK) and Andrew Weatherall (UK), RISE IN POWER ! and a half-century of HOT TUNA from here in SF,
Drink deep

FREQUENCY UPLIFT !  SUN. 02.09.2020.  > 10pm-12m.

   2nd Sunday’s poets, in memorium for Edward Kamau Brathwaite

   … other new lyrics and sound, both Caribbean and universal:   

Ras Michael (Jamaica),  Siti Muharam (Zanzibar, Tanzania), 

Gil Scott-Heron/Makaya McCraven  (the beyond/ NYC /  Chicago) ,  

Rafiq Bhatia (NYC ), Soweto Kinch (UK) and more word.sound.power

           ¡ UPLIFT !

KXSF International Clash Day 2020 ‘CLASH FOR CLIMATE’, 4-6 pm, joining 94 international cities broadcasting for social change, resistance rock and words from local fossil-fuel divestment movement activist Leah Redwood of ExtinctionRebellion-SF and Wet’suwet’en Solidarity Front activist, Annie Morgan, and Youth v. Apocalypse next-generation activists, Carrie Ramirez and Aniya Butler, all spinning “the future is unwritten,” tune in & build people power and solidarity to write the future we want . #InternationalClashDay#ClashForClimate.


SUN. 02.02.2020. > 10pm-12m.
Just some music, just some words, just some world-changing.
… other new agitational music & poetical expression: LOAN (SF/Oakland), Skip the Needle (Oakland), Jungle Fire (LA), Heliocentrics (UK), Shabaka & the Ancestors (UK/SA), CUP [ Nels Cline & Yuka Honda] (NYC) and some due props to Andy Gill and Gang of Four and more NoisePop on this palindromic super-sunday.


 FREQUENCY UPLIFT !  SUN. 1.26.2020.  > 10pm-12m.

   …a pilgrimage to Boohaabia in search of new brounsoun,   

BROUN FELLINIS in the house, over the airwaves, Kevin Carnes and David Boyce, for a chat and the new ever-evolving music. over a generation long.

   … other now new music with, in no particular order:  Kofy Brown(Oakland),  Jeff Parker(Chicago), Thundercat (LA), and who knows who we may meet on the road to the Oasis of Surprise.


     ¡ UPLIFT 

      Freq. Uplift !_2020.01.26_broun.fellinis

SUN. 1.19.2020. > 10pm-12m.
music for marching. … to the beat of the memory of MARTIN LUTHER KING and a women-led future. spiritual jazz, militant melody.
make some new inspiration with Etran de L’Aïr (Niger), Taína Asili (Puerto Rico/Albany), Muriel Grossmann (Austria/Spain), some rad New Yorkers Antibalas, BRAHJA, and Mitú (Colombia), Irreversible Entanglements (Philly), …and a short feature on Harriet Tubman (the band…more NYC, and in town this week 1/23-24) and for our steps forward.

SUN. 1.12.2020 > 10pm-12m.
Second Sunday’s poets. poet Maw Shein Win, author of chapbook ‘Score and Bone’ and full-length collection ‘Invisible Gifts: Poems’, and the forthcoming ‘Storage Unit for the Spirit House’. Collaborator, imagist, educator. Beautiful words and new music for changing times

Sensation and memory and resilience


SUN. 1.5.2020. > 10pm-12m.
live in studio with Trance Mission !
legendary 4th world music in a new trio incarnation, featuring Beth Custer, Stephen Kent and Peter Valsamis, with a new LP ‘Le Pendu’ and a record release at Yoshi’s next Mon. 1/13. [sorry about the date-typo last night] Interview and new pre-releases in the first hour ! Come along ! AND more new/recent music from Teslim (Oakland), Sxip Shirey/Rhiannon Giddens (North Carolina), Camila Meza & the Nectar Orchestra (Chile), and looking forward .



FREQUENCY UPLIFT !  SUN. 12.22.19.  > 10pm-12m. 

    an informal international best-of, …  ’cause i think we’re gonna be waiting awhile for Santa.

   make your own festivity and freeness . …hear some newness from M.A.K.U. Sound System (Colombia / Brooklyn), Kojey Radical (UK),Black String (Korea), Ballaké Sissoko & Baba Sissoko (Mali),  Eyal El Wahab & El Khat (Yemen / Tel-Aviv), … and from our wintering imagination.


      TUNE-IN !

     ¡ UPLIFT !

 FREQUENCY UPLIFT !  SUN. 12.15.19.  > 10pm-12m.

Seasonal fire.  Beautiful words, lyrical frequencies and new musical uplift for changing times and darker nights.

warmth and new beats and collaborations from Pulo NDJ (Chad / NYC), Bénin International Musical (Benin), Hackney Colliery Band (London diáspora)… previewing some hot upcoming radio (interviews / performances) and new music with Mónica María, Ezra Collective, Mulatu Astatke, Lakou Mizik.

      TUNE-IN !


FREQUENCY UPLIFT !  SUN. 12.1.19.  > 10pm-12m.

    Bringing People’s Art to your airwaves… community visual artists standing up and fighting political defacements and historical erasure. Discussion and uplift and poetry with muralists Lucía Ippolito and Flavia Mora, Clarion Alley co-core organizer Chris Statton, live music in defense of street art and community with the band CAMBIA !, organizing for MAPP, 12/7.

     More inspiring voices for change. New music from around the world.


FREQUENCY UPLIFT !  SUN. 11.24.19.  > 10pm-12m.

    Gratitude for the music of life, for the change makers and visionaries and artists and musicians and you, for making another world possible…

    Newness and redubs and amazement from Kumail (Mumbai),  DJ Center / Akoya Afrobeat (Brooklyn diaspora), Junius Paul (Chicago), & Antoinette Konan (Côte d’Ivoire), Shunaji (UK), Azizi Brahim (Western Sahara) and a few other inspiring voices for change, singing out.

   Giving thanks …

   ¡ UPLIFT !

FREQUENCY UPLIFT !  SUN. 11.17.19.  > 10pm-12m. 

    …more fire for Fall. praying for rain

     sweet sounds and a few shimmering silences from Les Amazons  D’Afrique (Mali, et toute l’Afrique de l’ouest), Gyedu-Blay Ambolley (Ghana),  Roberto  Fonseca (Cuba), Land of Kush (Egypt/Québec), & Michael Sneed  (East Oakland), and more all over

 tune in, stand up … 

   ¡ UPLIFT !

 FREQUENCY UPLIFT !  SUN. 11.10.19.  > 10pm-12m.

…second Sundays’ poets, talk and reading with poet Thea Matthews, shedding silence, reclaiming power, and celebrating her forthcoming first full-length work Unearth [The Flowers]

more new music from Michael Kiwanuka (UK), Ahemaa Nwomkro (Ghana), Vula Viel (UK), Da Lata (UK/Brazil), Moor Mother (Philadelphia), and Kim Gordon (NYC)

Speak out…


FREQUENCY UPLIFT !  SUN. 11.3.19.  > 10pm-12m. 

    …interviewing Enrique Chi from Making Movies, Panamanian/Mexican/American afro-latinx psych-rockers, in SF this Friday with new album, ‘ameri’kana’, talking panAmerican collaboration and resistance. A few ongoing dia de los muertos tributes, music as cultural memory …   

    more new music from Issam Hajali (Lebanon), Gritness Acoustronics (France/Mali),  Kefaya (UK/Afghanistan), Harriet Tubman(NYC), and Los Rakas  (Oakland), and the world… 

   ¡ UPLIFT !

FREQUENCY UPLIFT !  SUN. 10.27.19.  > 10pm-12m. 

music for another possible world. [ “El derecho de vivir en paz”.  sang Víctor Jara and thousands in the streets.]    

    an update form Chile and local solidarity from Ximena Soza of the Wallmapu Solidarity Committee. new music from Sudan Archives (LA), Ile (Puerto Rico), Osunlade (St.Louis), Cheikh Tidiane Seck (Mali), and more from that edge of danger and opportunity, prayers for those in fires’ path. a small measure of peace … 

   ¡ UPLIFT !

 FREQUENCY UPLIFT !  SUN. 10.20.19.  > 10pm-12m.

music to celebrate all our victories. the proud voices of the past, dreaming the future.

new music from Seun Kuti (Nigeria), Acid Arab / Les Filles de Illighadad  (France/Niger), Yazz Ahmed (UK/Bahrain), Neue Grafik  Ensemble (UK/France), Tomeka Reid Quartet (Chicago), and sounds and love for the streets of Hong Kong, Ecuador, Chile, Iraq, Lebanon, Catalonia and Rojava   ¡ UPLIFT !

FREQUENCY UPLIFT !  SUN. 10.13.19. > 10pm-12m. second Sunday’s poets. words, sound and Native voices for Indigenous Peoples’ Day, broadcasting from Ramaytush Ohlone territory.

reading and interview with SF poet laureate and educator Kim Shuck(Fifth-generation SF Native and Ani Yun Wiya / Cherokee / Goral Polish), in the first hour. History, elegy and activism, re-narrating the City. Speaking in a           new day. 

    new music from Raye Zaragoza (Akimel O’otham ancestry/NYC/LA), Y La Bamba(Portland/Guadalajara), Cochemea
(Yaqui & Mescalero Apache ancestry/Brooklyn/LA), and more  
   ¡ UPLIFT !

FREQUENCY UPLIFT !  SUN. 10.6.19. > 10pm-12m. more fire for the fall.

new loveliness from Baba Zulu (Turkey), Dengue Dengue Dengue (Peru), Joe Armon- Jones (UK), LoCura (SF/OaklandBanda Sin Nombre (SF), Gordan Koang (South Sudan / Australia), and R.E.M. digging in their crates for Bahamian relief.. and a tribute to Ginger Baker, more music from all over our many maps.   ¡ UPLIFT !


FREQUENCY UPLIFT !  SUN. 9.29.19. > 10pm-12m. on fire and into the fall. equinox music for your burning heart !

a balance of dark and light and newness from Ani Cordero (Puerto Rico), Brittany Howard (Alabama/LA), Orchestre Abass (Togo), No Lovely Thing, ft. Melissa Jones (Oakland), Kaleta & Super Yamba Band (Brooklyn/Nigeria), Crumb (Brooklyn), SAULT (UK), SassyBlack (Seattle), Ana Frango Elétrico (Brazil) … such a harvest, so what to sample first?  ¡ UPLIFT !


FREQUENCY UPLIFT ! KXSF.FM . TONIGHT ! SUN. 9.22.19. > 10pm-12m. celebrating La Díaspora and Coltrane’s 93rd birthday, digging into newly-found “lost” recordings and his sung work! Arturo Méndez in the house, singing and raising up Mission District musicians and visual-artists in cross-border festivals here this week and in Mexíco in November, creating bridges with artists’ cultural roots, in a time of walls and division.
¡ sing out, dig deep ! ¡ UPLIFT !

FREQUENCY UPLIFT !  SUN. 9.15.19. > 10pm-12m. 

Kids striking for a survivable future. Words from Greta Thunberg, and from students Hannah Estrada & Chris Soriano, local ‘Youth Vs. Apocalypse’ organizers for this Friday 9/20’s Global Youth Climate Strike, and for the week beyond, with Idle No More SF-Bay’s Isabella Zizi & 1000 Grandmother’s Nancy Feinstein. 

     + new Mission district music: Banda Sin Nombre, & Mónica María (reprise) new singles, and some newness beyond from Spaza (Johannesburg), Theo Croker, & Safiq Husayn (LA), Emicida/Ibeyi (Brazil/Cuba/France) and the Peace Poets (NYC) … bringing some hope and love and … ¡ UPLIFT ! 



FREQUENCY UPLIFT !  >SUN. 9.8.19. > 10pm-12m. Conversation and reading with poet Tongo Eisen-Martin. Activist/Educator/Griffin Poetry Prize shortlist, California Book Award, American Book Award winner. Revolutionary.

On revolutionary arts and bringing poetry into the world, on the music of the word and of everyday resistance. Second Sunday’s poems. some new music, some jazz, some guitar, some noise, maybe more new wordsound. Tongo Eisen-Martin’s musical picks and … ¡ UPLIFT !

Frequency Uplift !  SUNDAY, 9.1.19 > 10p-12m, … preparing for the storms to come, prayer songs for the Bahamas, making our uplift where we can, grieving when we must.  new music from that edge of grief and rage and resilient love and some old island funk:  Skinny Pelembe (UK/SA), Gato Preto  (Senegal/Ghana/Germany), Flavia Coelho (Brazil/France), Trash Kit, and Dry Cleaning (UK)… poemas y oraciones para el futuro. undo. UPLIFT!

FREQUENCY UPLIFT.  SUN. 8.25.19. > 10pm-12m. Imagination preceding all action. New dreamings from Abdullah Ibrahim & Ekaya (South Africa),  Durand Jones & the Indications (Indiana), love to the burning Amazon and new lyrical calls to action from Luedji Luna and Saulo Duarte (Brazil), and coming back round to Muzi (South Africa) and Rahsaan Ahmad (Santa Fe),  the deep new soul of Ghost Funk Orchestra (NYC) that we’re all gonna need. ¡ UPLIFT !


Frequency Uplift ! SUNDAY, 8.18.19 > 10p-12m, … a sunday stretchout, time to sit back and saturate in the sonorities + new music from G&D/Georgia Anne Muldrow & Declaime (Nevada), Jupiter & Okwess (DR of the Congo), Ammar 808 (Tunisia), Ìfé (Puerto Rico)… and an unaccountable dive into Studio One waters. where o where will we end up? … UPLIFT !







Frequency Uplift !  SUNDAY, 8.11.19 > 10p-12m, … featuring some music from Bay Area born Samora Abayomi Pinderhughesartist-activist/pianist/composer …of The Transformations Suite, …  poetry and jazz, for social justice, dipping deep into that stream  + new music from Nérija (UK), Midtown Social (Oakland), EA Wave (Nairobi), avery r. young (Chicago)… sing out ! UPLIFT !

Frequency Uplift ! TONIGHT ! SUNDAY, 8.4.19 > 10p-12m, [ KXSF.FM ]… an interview with Shabaka Hutchings, …of The Comet Is Coming, Shabaka & the Ancestors, and Sons of Kemet (ahead of their Wed. date at SF Jazz)… a deep dive into the music, the plentitude of collaborations, and the process of creation! .. some new freedom jazz and free tickets. … so free your mind & DANCE, come on along

Frequency Uplift ! SUNDAY, 7.28.19 > 10p-12m, communities unite to close the camps.
 Kate Raphael from August’s “Month of Momentum” interviewed …intrepid new music from Rhiannon Giddens / Francesco Turrisi (North Carolina/Italy/Ireland/the path of diaspora musics), Lakou Muzik (Haiti), Meerna (Oakland), Yazz Ahmed (UK), Pat Thomas & the Kwashibu Area Band (Ghana), Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange (Melbourne) …and a surprise preview visit from Irish Voices’ Donagh McKeown! more music from Palestine, Thailand and the global Kalakuta Republic
One world/no borders/no OTHER¡ Uplift !
  special Frequency Uplift ! TUES. 7.16.19, 7-9 pminterviewing Canadian First Nations electronic-music crew ‘ A Tribe Called Red’, rooted in hip-hop, traditional pow wow drums and making modern resistance music promoting inclusivity, empathy and acceptance amongst all races and genders, in the name of social justice. Bear Witness & 2oolman in the house! Local frontline update from Idle No More SF Bay activist Pennie Opal Plant ! .. and some rad new indigenous music from Tanya Tagaq (Inuk), Maxida Märak (Sami) and acknowledging Johnny Clegg (South Africa), rise in power.¡ Uplift !
Frequency Uplift ! >SUN. 7.14.19, 10p-12m! 

a National nightmare, an ambient Dreaming for justice… odd and experimental and internationalist sound to spark our collective imagination.

one can only aspire.

… new music/remixes from Foozool [Oakland], Jinku [Kenya],

Sir Shina Peters & His International Stars [Nigeria], Souljazz Orchestra [Ottawa], Xuxa Santamaria [Oakland/PuertoRico],

¡ keep moving ! ¡UPLIFT!

 Frequency Uplift ! >SUN. 7.7.19, 10p-12m! 

¿where to now?

[all over the map ] 
[descending into dub] 
… new music from Sampa the Great [Zambia/Australia], Kojey Radical [UK], Bill Laswell/Material [NYC/etc.], Krystal Metcalfe [Chicago], Black Pumas [Austin], Balkan Taksim [Bucharest, ROM], Shamrock Ndala [Jo’burg, South Africa.]
y màs.


Frequency Uplift ! KXSF.FM. TONIGHT ! >SUN. 6.30.19 10p-12m!
[ live from tomorrow in Rotterdam ] talk on their new and ongoing international project, a Floating Multimedia Performance Intervention, sounding the alarm for climate justice, in far-flung ports and remote islands
…AND new music from
Mourning [A] BLKStar [Cleveland], Resavoir [Chicago], Perera Elsewhere [Berlin/UK], Léo Leobons [Brazil]. y màs.





Frequency Uplift ! TONIGHT ! >SUN. 6/16. 10p-12m! ¡fun for the fathers on dad’s day night,    ! …  …and new music/releases  from The Comet Is Coming (UK).. maybe a bit of an interview (in town Tues.), BCUC/Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness (South Africa), NuNairobi scene (Kenya),  Tenesha the Wordsmith (Oakland), and more! thanks for life to all the fathers (and mothers ) and families of choice ! ¡UPLIFT!






Frequency Uplift ! TONIGHT ! KXSF.FM >SUN. 6/9. 10p-12m! ¡ jazzHERstory ! … centering women leading the UK new jazz explosion, with festival interviews with Nérija, Yazz Ahmed, …and new music/rereleases from both & from Rosie’s 5ive, Kokoroko, SEED Ensemble, Sarah Tandy, Tamar Collocutor ! COLLABORATION ! INSPIRATION ! CELEBRATION ! ¡UPLIFT!







Frequency Uplift ! TONIGHT ! >SUN. 6/2. 10p-12m! ¡QUEER CATALYSTS ! ¡PUNK ROCK RESILIENCE ! … the spirit of SF DIY !…Frequency Uplift! interviews director SETH EISEN , on the hidden queer histories & radical legacies of SoMA, embodied in a new collaborative performance ‘OUT of SITE: SOMA’, and visits with o.g. SF punk-veterans VKTMS & MDC. rage and INSPIRE ! ¡UPLIFT!

FREQUENCY UPLIFT ! TONIGHT, SUNDAY 5/26, 10pm-12mid !  interviewing the UK reggae/ska/punks THE SKINTS, in-town with a new LP “Swimming Lessons”…& new music from LoCura (the Bay’s own!), Flying Lotus, Cate LeBon (Wales), Viente Callejero,
Mavis Staples, Damon Locks  &  more Carnaval bands. keep dancing ! ¡ UPLIFT !

FREQUENCY UPLIFT. TONIGHT! SUNDAY 5.19.19. 10p – 12m > … a journey  hitting all continents, and likely all banned countries and certainly all realms of the imaginary. a new pilgrimage… and newness and tickets and inevitably poetry of the people for solace and ¡ UPLIFT !

FREQUENCY UPLIFT. SUNDAY 5.5.19. 10p – 12m > … all sweetness and night.  some old favorites and newness from Muzi  (South Africa), Baba Zula (Turkey), Dotorado Pro  (Portugal/Angola), O Terno (Brazil)¡AND…from Chile, Morocco, Texas, Puerto Rico & your own backyard. (Exp. May 21st)

FREQUENCY UPLIFT. SUNDAY 4.28.19. 10p – 12m > … some  May Day green and red radical-synesthesia…  direct aural-action and new music from Bells Atlas  (Oakland/Huichin), Luka Guindo (Mali), 14KT  (Detroit/Anishinaabe), K!mmortal (Vancouver/Coast Salish) and some serious Dalit funk… ¡ arise and hear the colors  ! ¡ more’n one way to dance a revolution ! ¡ UPLIFT ! (Exp May 15)

FREQUENCY UPLIFT. SUNDAY 4.21.19. 10p – 12m > … a moveable feast, a mobile musical insurrection…  interviews Casey Neill & the Norway Rats. radical troubadours repping DiRT, direct action for climate justice.  … Plus more Los Siete remembrance and new music from Rupa & the April Fishes  (Chochenyo & Karkin Ohlone lands), the Mekons (Leeds/Chicago), Art Ensemble of Chicago (Chicago/a half-century). ¡ live long ! ¡ rise up ! ¡ UPLIFT !

 FREQUENCY UPLIFT. SUNDAY 4.14.19. 10p – 12m > interviews Makaya McCraven. beat scientist, bleeding edge jazz drummer and producer, of ‘Universal Beings’ . …in the Bay Area this week. Plus new music from Budos Band (Staten Is.), Tamar Collocutor vs. Magnus PI (London), Quelle Chris (Detroit),  Orchestra Gold (Oakland/Mali). ¡ create & innovate !   ¡ UPLIFT !

FREQUENCY UPLIFT. SUNDAY 4.7.19. 10p – 12m > remembering Los Siete 50 years on.  hosting movement elders & original Los Siete de la Raza organizers, Donna James Amador and Judy Zalazar Drummond.  poets Cathy Arellano, Norman Zelaya, Josiah Luis Alderete, and Tongo Eisen-Martin. words of resistance and resilience. people’s history. liberation music. ¡ para el futuro !   ¡ UPLIFT ! (exp 4-25-19)

Frequency Uplift , TONIGHT,  Sun. 3/31/19, 10pm ~ 12m, 

spring blossoms forth, bringing some new music  from  Mdou Moctar and Hama (both from Niger),  KOKOKO! (DR of the Congo), La Yegros (Argentina) , Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah (NOLA) , Duckwrth (SoCentral.LA), (& some surprise classic reissues) ! Some funk, some tickets, some previews. (exp 4-25-19)


Frequency Uplift. Recorded live on March 24 of 2019 for KXSF 102.5fm. (Exp. 4-12-19)

FREQUENCY UPLIFT . SUNDAY 3.24.19, 10p-12m > … orbiting South Africa in time and space. …from mbaqanga & township jazz, to the new gqom and SA-house sounds, featuring new music and a reprised summer interview with SA dj/producer MUZI, soon to hit US shores and Afropunk … tune in and dance globally !  We may have to go past the midnight hour !




Frequency Uplift. Recorded live on March 10 of 2019 for KXSF 102.5fm. (Exp. 4-01-19)

FREQUENCY UPLIFT . TONIGHT ! SUNDAY 3.17.19, 10p-12m > … some late-night music for mourning and resilience. more updates from the fossil fuel divestment frontline. New music from Ezra Collective & from The Cinematic Orchestra (UK), Helado Negro (Brooklyn), Isaac Birituro & The Rail Abandon (Ghana / UK), Clever Austin, (Australia)… tune in !

Frequency Uplift. Recorded live on March 10 of 2019 for KXSF 102.5fm. (Exp. 3-29-19)

FREQUENCY UPLIFT . TONIGHT ! SUNDAY 3.10.19, 10p-12m > …Opium Sabbah, SF rapper/producer, spits rhymes and radical culture live in studio. Collaborations with Khaled and Peter Murphy. Legacies lived. Newness from Opium & his crew ‘Revolutionary Trap Radio’ and  Ifriqiyya Électrique (Tunisia), Combo Chimbita (Colombia), Sol Development  (Oakland), and a whole lot more …

… tune in !

 i UPLIFT ! 

Frequency Uplift. Recorded live on February 24 of 2019 for KXSF 102.5fm. (Exp. 3-19-19)

FREQUENCY UPLIFT . TONIGHT ! SUNDAY 2.24.19, 10p-12m > …it’s a solid soul and jazz night for liberation, with frontline updates from the kids and the teachers. Newness from Ekiti Sound (Lagos), Mourning [A] BLKstar (Cleveland), Michael Franti (SF), Parliament (everywhere and anywhere), as always tickets to dance your revolution…


Frequency Uplift. Recorded live on February 10 of 2019 for KXSF 102.5fm. (Exp. 2-29-19)

Frequency Uplift , with world music ensemble Ancient Future, & Matthew Montfort, guitarist/bandleader, in interview, celebrating a 40th anniversary ! …    & bringing some radical uplift home with new music & women’s voices from  Y La Bamba (Portland),  Rhiannon Giddens’ OUR NATIVE DAUGHTERS (Greensboro), Leyla McCalla (NOLA / NYC) !