Fire Crate


Fire Crate 34                     Mother’s Day Mix                     5/6/21

Fire Crate 34 is a special Mother’s Day mix for all the moms out there!💐Now streaming! 🎧
🔥From The Beatles and Supremes, to X-Raided and Warren G, this Mother’s Day playlist runs the gambit, thanking moms all around the world. Special shout out to my mom for being extra 😎 And special shout out to all the new moms out there! Shit’s turning into Children of Men out there! 😬😬😬
🔥And a special mini tribute to SWV and Xscape in the last half hour🔥They’re going head to head Saturday on Verzuz! What’s your favorite 90s RnB group??? Xscape has my favorite songs, but SWV got hits for DAYS
🔥Mistah F.A.B.
🔥John Lennon
🔥Tito Rodríguez
🔥Tha Eastsidaz
🔥Lenny Kravitz w/ Slash
🔥and lots more


  1. Stephanie

    Love you John

  2. Susan Hand

    Thank you for this tribute, you are talented. Jay had such diverse interests and the biggest heart. May he be doing his air guitar on the couch in heaven

  3. Susan

    Sweet Caroline is played in 7th at the 7th inning stretch.

  4. Kathy Hand Savage

    Hey DJ John Holsinger Thanks for the dedication to John “Jay”! Music Heals the Soul!

  5. Holsinger

    Thanks for listening!

  6. Holsinger

    I knew it was something like that!

  7. Holsinger

    Thanks for listening; I know for a fact he’s playing air guitar up there.

  8. Holsinger

    Thanks for the love and for listening!