Fire Crate


Fire Crate 24        Black History Month       2/25/21

🔥This week the Fire Crate is all new with another all-vinyl dedication to Black artists in honor of Black History Month. In the first hour and change I play Soul and Funk like Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Isaac Hayes, Roberta Flack, Marvin Gaye and more, while in the second hour I get to some really spacey Jazz by Sun Ra, Herbie Hancock and Pharoah Sanders. 
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  1. Stephanie

    Love you John

  2. Susan Hand

    Thank you for this tribute, you are talented. Jay had such diverse interests and the biggest heart. May he be doing his air guitar on the couch in heaven

  3. Susan

    Sweet Caroline is played in 7th at the 7th inning stretch.

  4. Kathy Hand Savage

    Hey DJ John Holsinger Thanks for the dedication to John “Jay”! Music Heals the Soul!

  5. Holsinger

    Thanks for listening!

  6. Holsinger

    I knew it was something like that!

  7. Holsinger

    Thanks for listening; I know for a fact he’s playing air guitar up there.

  8. Holsinger

    Thanks for the love and for listening!