Album Review: ‘SZNZ: Spring’ from Weezer

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Weezer — SZNZ: Spring (EP, Atlantic Records)

By Owen Dempsey

'SZNZ: Spring' from Weezer

‘SZNZ: Spring’ from Weezer

SZNZ: Spring has sprung! Released on the March 20 equinox, Spring is the first of four EPs in Weezer‘s new SZNZ series. 30+ years in, and Weezer is still the epitome of chill. Starting us off happily with Shakespeare under the stars, “Opening Night” borrows its melody from Vivaldi and evokes all of the whimsical vibes that we love about Spring … and Weezer. “Angels on Vacation” begins with a choral hymn before erupting into Weezer’s iconic vacation rock. The lead single from the EP, “A Little Bit of Love,” is a pensive and poppy power track that’s impossible not to love. “Garden of Eden” is grounding, “The Sound of Drums” is playful, “All This Love” makes you want to dance, and “Wild at Heart” ends the EP off with a chunky power chord battle cry. Combining classic Weezer cheesiness with the youthful joy of Spring, this EP has so much to love, and I can’t wait ’til next SZN!

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