5th Wave Radio / Queerly Drinking

Every Wednesday 2-4pm with Pamela Busch!

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Pamela Busch is a 30-year wine industry veteran. They opened Hayes & Vine in 1994, CAV Wine Bar in 2005, and was the wine writer for the San Francisco Examiner from 2005 – 2014. In 2013, Pamela started The Vinguard, which is now a non-profit organization dedicated to amplifying diverse women and non-binary voices, creating equity, and promoting environmental and social justice in the wine industry. Pamela founded WINeFare, a wine tasting with women in the natural wine movement, in 2018 and the Wine Industry Equity Pledge in 2019. On Wednesday afternoons, they also have a radio show, 5th Wave Radio/Queerly Drinking, on KXSF, 102.5 that amplifies women’s/non-binary/trans/queer voices often while drinking natural wine.

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