The Flying Stars Of Brooklyn – My God Has A Telephone: Album Review By DJ Slopoke

The Flying Stars of Brooklyn
My God has a telephone
Colemine records CLMN-146
released 10-20-2017

Wow! Soul music in its finest form. This Gospel-tinged soul gem has all the right elements. Recording under the name The Flying Stars of Brooklyn, this is the official debut of Singer Aaron Frazier and his band. My God Has A Telephone might sound like a strange title, but the song works immediately and doesn’t let go. It’s the kind of track that just stays in your head for a good while.

I first heard Mr Frazer on a Durand Jones 45, and when the needle dropped on this 45, I almost shook. Mid-tempo with a smooth vocal harmony reminiscent of Sam Cooke or Jackie Wilson, and that bell ding; heavenly. There is even a small but funky drum break.

Aaron Frazer’s solo project features 2 original tunes, lead by his incredible falsetto and backed by an airtight rhythm section. The A side is powerful and soothing at the same time and the flip side, Live On, delivers a slower almost melancholic feel. From a label that has shown consistency. Definitely worth picking up before you have to pay the e-bay premium.

– DJ Slopoke

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