Song of the Week June 11, 2018

Josh T. Pearson is a singer-songwriter from Texas who previously fronted an indie-rock band called Lift To Experience. The lyrics point to a weird sort of Lothario-Hellion-finds-salvation-through-Christ theme, although the music could be mistaken for something off of Fat Possum or Bloodshot Records. In fact, this album was sent to us by a distribution company called Tiger Bomb. Putting the thinly veiled Jesus references aside, this is a fairly basic slab of cowboy-garage-rock that winds its way around topics like addiction, recovery and love gone wrong.

This music likely isn’t destined to make waves beyond aging Evangelicals who long for the days when The Supersuckers or The Reverend Horton Heat were front page darlings of the glossy music magazines one could find at Tower Records. It’s a bit of revelation, however, that such a community maybe exists, and has people like Pearson vying for a space on their playlists, next to (or maybe in place of) more secular dive bar music staples.

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