Song Of The Week: July 2nd, 2018

Con Brio
Heart Shaped Box
V2 Records

Con Brio is a Bay Area band that has been busy on the festival circuit for the last 2 years or so.

Their new release, a cover of the Nirvana classic, Heart Shaped Box, is an impressive nod to the genre with a futuristic Boogie Funk twist that fluctuates between smooth and funky to loud and roaring. The horn intro into cool drum machine claps and a bonafide Breakdown make it stand on its own, even if you’re not familiar with the original, although Zeke McCarter’s falsetto is right on the verge of spilling overboard, I think it will give the fans more of what they love about this band.

The treatment reminds me of the Charles Bradley (RIP) cover of Stay Away, a lesser known Nirvana track. I heard there was originally plans for an album of Grunge covers but it got scrapped after they began recording the album. I wonder if there were any more recordings made? Maybe a 45?

The group is currently touring in preparation for their full length release Explorer, out July 6th.  Looking forward to it.

DJ Slopoke

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