New Shows for a New Month on KXSF ~ December 2017

Hey Listeners!

We got some new shows & DJ’s here at KXSF to introduce you to and they are to say the least ECLECTIC new additions for our Community here in SF! Keeping up with the trend of the diverse mix of people from all corners of the earth who live here in the Bay Area! (Long may that continue)

Check em’ out below, along with their show times!

+ Be sure to listen to them live @

FREQUENCY UPLIFT is your weekly amplification of uplift music from every tongue and from every corner. We hope to elevate your Monday night, beginning of the working week, with songs of celebration, of hope and freedom and justice ( AND, of course, hopefully a few love songs , and inevitably, a few songs of complaint and blues, it BEING Monday…). BRINGING you voices from and of the community live, from the neighborhood and from across the planet: poets and painters, musicians and organizers and likely your neighbors, all our broad family. A sonic salve for the soul, see ya here. Mondays 9 to 11 pm, hosted by radio bob.

ZERO POINT is a show for people who seriously love music…all kinds of music. Tons of variety, from old to new, from popular to the eclectic, all coming together in a strange and beautiful way that will make your ears jump for joy (if ears were feet, that is…). Does that last statement sort of make sense but still hit you as weird!? Welcome to my show 🙂 Thursdays 3 to 6 pm, hosted by Justin Case.

ROCK NETO is back on the airwaves at San Francisco’s KXSF 102.5FM this and every Sunday at 7.30pm San Francisco // 9.30pm Mexico City time.
Tune in and check out the newest of the newest in independent rock and roll from all over the world. Yes! The language doesn’t matter as long the tunes are great.
Also, we will be discussing with guests from all over the globe subjects that matter in these times of turmoil; literature, arts, cinema, political activism and more..Don’t miss it, if you do, you’ll regret it!!! Sundays 7.30 to 10:30pm, hosted by Guillermo Goyri.

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