KXSF Song of the Week – January 1st, 2018

Welcome to the new song of the week feature here at the KXSF blog.

We hope to be featuring music here in this space for you listen to on a regular basis.

Let’s start things off with a (relatively) new beginning for a new year.

The Paisley Underground was a set of loosely associated acts from the Los Angeles punk scene of the early 1980’s. Owing a debt to the psychedelic influences of the 1960’s, the Paisleys featured raucous punk like the Leaving Trains, jangly radio-pop like The Bangles, and cerebral power pop like The Three O’Clock.

Somewhere in between those various reference points fell the Dream Syndicate, led by singer-guitarist Steve Wynn.

Formed from the remnants of a band that began at UC Davis in the early 1980’s, The Dream Syndicate went on to release a handful of highly acclaimed punk rock albums on independent record labels as well as major labels. The Days of Wine and Roses, their most lauded classic, was released in 1982 on IRS records, while the follow up record, Medicine Show, which was recorded in San Francisco, came out on A&M in 1984.

Although the Dream Syndicate disbanded in 1989 after having toured with groups like U2 and REM, their influence on the emerging alternative rock scene of the 1990’s was still notable, and clamoring for a reunion went on as Wynn engaged in various collaborations like The Baseball Project, as well as solo albums.

Kendra Smith, an early member of Dream Syndicate, went on to form the band Opal with David Roback, which eventually evolved into the 90’s alternative rock darlings, Mazzy Star.

The Dream Syndicate finally remerged in 2012 with a series of gigs in the US and Europe which built up to the release of a new album, How Did I Find Myself Here, which was released in late 2017.

Our first song of the week for 2018 is “Kendra’s Dream” from How Did I Find Myself Here, featuring Smith returning to the fold as a guest vocalist.

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